Cyberpunk 2077 Below Minimum Specs

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Are you worried that your PC won’t be able to run Cyberpunk? I tested it with a Ryzen 2200G APU – that is, a 4 core CPU and 8 Vega graphics cores, all in one thing. Far below the minimum requirements to run this game- but how will it cope?!
This video focuses on 3 main presets:
Low settings @ 50% scaling (640×360)
Low settings @ 75% scaling (960×540)
Medium settings @ 75% scaling (960×540)

0:00 – Intro
2:42 – Benchmarks
3:11 – Still comparisons
5:40 – DLSS


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  1. I'm currently running it on a 1050ti and a i5-4670 on medium settings, 720p 100% scaling and with some of the fixes people have came out with on reddit, I'm able to get a smooth 60fps everywhere except the desert (particularly in nomad communities)

  2. This games problems stem from one thing , greediness and not from just CD Project red its on sony and xbox to why is it they have came out with systems variants like they have it makes it hell for the developer to make a game for this many consoles microsoft and sony have pumped out more consoles then a trailer park whore but than pull games off the market because they run like trash(sony) at the same time the suits running CD project red wanted to push it out before christmas to make back the money for keanu reeves the merchandise and all the exclusive consoles they push out. Look at the run the xbox 360 and ps3 had now we have 4 times the power in consoles but we have 3 to 4 variants each of them thats a problem not everyone can buy the best hardware.

  3. That's odd I have a ryzen 3200 g and a rx 580. I get cosistent 50-60 fps I'm using low setting without scaling. If I put everything in ultra,fps lowers to 30-25 fps which is still very playable.

  4. Don't know who needs to see this, but…

    I've got a GTX 1050 4GB (Laptop Version)
    i5 8300H CPU
    16 GB Ram
    1 TB SSD
    CyberPunk 2077 updated to 1.05
    (everything is above Min spec EXCEPT for the Grapics card, it's about 40-50% as powerful as min reqs)

    And running this game at anywhere between steady 24-29 fps. Cardinal rule, Cinematic films are played at 24FPS anything higher is really extra before your eyes notice actual choppiness not due to frame rate fluctiations

    Now, this is steady so it's actually quite smooth and the slow down's aren't that bad. Here's the kicker though, I'm running it on MEDIUM Texture and 1440p (YES you read that right). I was intitially playying at 720p, then 920p then 1080p but I'm on a 4K Panel (HDMI out) so everything was too blurry and felt I was missing out..

    if you set your Max FPS to 29 FPS in Video settings, everything in Graphics to low except for Character Lighting, HBAO and Mirror effects (medium and high) You can also go medium for Level of detail (Ensure Crowd Density is set to low under Gameplay options).

    The real thing I think helps is the scaling, set low bar to 65% and high bar to 85%, not going 100% on the top end really smooths out the whole game. (also ensure RefreshrateVysnc is set to 60hz or whatever your panel supports even though your game will not reach 60 fps it makes the controller/keyboard input much much smoother)

    Hope this helps someone, 51 hours in and yeah sometimes the combat can get a little choppy but I've seen this game run on PS4 and it's still better than Consoles.

    Edit: Additional Tipss, if you go into your Nvidia control Panel and access "Manage 3d Settings", you can increase sharpness for the Cyberpunk2077.exe to about 2% it helps when the low res textures pop in to look slightly better, I also have Antiliaisng cranked to 8X but not sure if it actually applies in the game (more testing needed)

  5. I'm not sure if my CPU or RAM i bottlenecking me, I get stuttering a lot, and sometimes it will just freeze for a good 30 seconds whenever I open/close the inventory/map. But other times, it's decently smooth and fast.

  6. Worth pointing out that DLSS helps reduce strain on your GPU but adds more overheard to the CPU. So if you're already CPU bottleknecked I doubt you're going to pull out extra visual quality from DLSS for no FPS hit.

  7. haha thats me in every game. r7 240 is showing its age and the scalpers are not helping my case especially when the 3080 in general in my country is more than 1000$ and if sold by scalpers will be about 1400$ probably.


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