Cyberpunk 2077 | Behind Locked Doors – Megabuilding H4

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Megabuilding H4 is an interesting building which appears to hide some juicy backstory. Let’s have a look behind closed doors to see what’s really happening here.

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5 thoughts on “Cyberpunk 2077 | Behind Locked Doors – Megabuilding H4”

  1. i've had this theory that the megabuildings are mostly hollow because other than the copy paste asset for the structure, the interiors are the only parts that would really differ and since they were all unfinished, they didn't ship them with the game to avoid spoiling any potential content. obviously, given what we know about the crunch and how unfinished a lot of stuff was/is it's more likely they had to cut a lot of the megabuilding content to meet deadlines and focus on the more visible areas of the game. but because of the megabuilding content we DO have, albeit minimal, makes me think the interiors were deliberately pulled from the game for ones they had more plans for. imo it makes more sense to ship the areas you plan to expand as inaccessible and blank rather than ship accessible incomplete areas and flesh them out later


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