Cyberpunk 2077 – Beat on the Brat Kabuki Twins Very Hard

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Still not used to the fist combat.
System specs in video description, click “show more”.
Recorded with Radeon ReLive, 69Mb/s – 320kbps Audio HEVC. Raw Upload.
If you’re having low performance issues, try my comprehensive troubleshooting guide, it’s about an hour long but may be useful;
System Specs:
[email protected] 1.32v /w Cryorig H7 Plus – Delidded /w Conductonaut
►Sapphire RX 5700 Pulse 8gb
►Arctic Xtreme IV GPU Cooler, Installation:
►GPU Driver: 20.12.1
►Windows 10 Home x64 v20H2
►4x8gb 3000mhz DDR4 T-Force Dark Ƶα C15
►MSI Z170A Gaming Pro Motherboard
►Corsair HX1000i
►Lexar NM500 NVMe 512gb OS+Programs
►Sandisk Ultra II 960gb Media+Recording
►Sandisk Ultra II 960gb Games
►Rakk Haliya ATX Case
►SpecterPro 34″ UWQHD Curved Gaming Monitor 3440×1440 100hz
►HyperX Cloud Alpha Headset
►Logitech G403 Mouse
►Tecware Phantom RGB Keyboard
ISP: PLDT FIBR ~65Mbps, Bohol Philippines
VPN: Exitlag – Affiliate Link:

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