Cyberpunk 2077 – Base PS4 Patch 1.1 Test – Driving and Walking in 'Busy' Areas

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Unfortunately, there isn’t much difference to the previous patch. The slight stutter when the game is saving is still there as well as the switching camera from 1st person view in car bug. Sometimes it will switch view, others it won’t. On a plus side, I did notice more cars in certain areas of the city and the texture loading seems better.

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25 thoughts on “Cyberpunk 2077 – Base PS4 Patch 1.1 Test – Driving and Walking in 'Busy' Areas”

  1. From watching videos from previous patches, I see barely any difference.. Honestly feels like they're putting patches out just so it looks like they're doing something with it

  2. Maybe CDPr aim at "more playable" with this patch 1.1, but the core of the game will be the same i think, like no water splash when the car jump into it or a person jump into the water as well as no splash when you hit that water with your guns, teleporting police, police can't drive chasing you, a number of same npc models wandering around and among others…if they're not fixed, at least that's the best version that we'll have in the future

  3. Idk main thing that sucks for the dev team is optimizing it for so many platforms so even if its small improvement its a lot for them i think because it has to be working good on last gen and next gen and PC systems must be a handful little by little im here for it all first preorder ever by the way

  4. My game has been consistently crashing every 45mins-1hr and this has been consistent over 160hrs, with each of the first two patches making it a little worse, but after downloading the patch today I played for about 2 1/2 to 3 hrs and no crashes. I doubt the game will be crash free now, but it does look like they somewhat addressed the issue at least.

  5. Appreciate the video my friend 👍🏾
    I’ve had the game since Christmas on the base PS4 but not played it yet as I was waiting for these improvement patches…
    Do you recommend I try and play it now or wait for further patches due next month??


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