Cyberpunk 2077: Amazing New Legendary Armor! Jackets, Shoes & More (Location & Guide)

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If Your Looking For Some Of The BEST Legendary Armor in All of Night City Then look no further as Today I bring you A Guide to get NEW Legendary Shoes ,Jackets & More! and Today I’ll show you how to get it right here in Cyberpunk 2077.
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🚩Time Stamps:
✅ Licks Kicks: 0:52
✅Cotton Headband: 2:30
✅Boostknit Field Jacket: 3:30
✅Frayed Scav Shirt: 3:30
✅Spiked Malestrom Jacket: 6:00
✅Kasshu Hanten Kicks: 7:48

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18 thoughts on “Cyberpunk 2077: Amazing New Legendary Armor! Jackets, Shoes & More (Location & Guide)”

  1. Just a little add on, the GIG: Scrolls Before Swine will actually give two legendary.
    Best is to do that GIG after The Heist for Johnny's dialogues.
    You will need to do something while at the warehouse (Don't wanna spoil too much)
    Only after that you will get to enter Aaron's apartment to get the second legendary.

    Also, some of the previous patch legendaries had "moved or removed", hope you are able to find them, I'm looking for them in my current playthrough. =)
    (One of them is the Lazrpunk Jacket, it's replaced with a legendary Geisha Tank top)

  2. Oh wow — I literally just saved my game at the point where I'm about to do that gig where you find the legendary kicks. I had no idea that saving a re-loading would cause an epic to re-roll as a legendary. I'm definitely going to try to get those shoes when I play again. Thanks!

  3. Hey Karpo ! On this video you just showed . Well , in the Gig “scrolls before swine” , when you turn in the scrolls to Aaron , there will be another legendary in his apartment waiting for you . Was the “ trilayer steel ocuset “ for me


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