Cyberpunk 2077 – All Unlockable Vehicles (Cars & Bikes Showcase)

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Cyberpunk 2077 – All Unlockable Vehicles Cars & Bikes. Nomad Path has one more exclusive Vehicle. Shion Coyote and Colby Butte can also have another color variation.
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Raw footage edited in a transformative manner for information purposes. As always: All footage played, recorded and edited by me
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Quadra Turbo-R 740: (0:00)
Quadra Turbo-R V-Tech: (0:33)
Caliburn: (1:25 )
Arch Nazare & Jackie: (2:54)
Nazare Itsumade: (3:35)
Rayfield Aerondight: (4:22)
Kusanagi CT-3X: (5:15)
Shion Coyote: (6:11)
Shion Street: (7:11)
Porsche 911: (7:46)
Apollo: (8:22)
Apollo Scorpion: (8:37)
Alvarado Vato & Delegate: (9:17)
Columbus Freight: (10:09)
Delamain & Cortes Valor: (10:56)
Emperor Ragnar: (12:24)
Galena G240: (12:57)
Gelana Gecko: (13:28)
Hella EC-D: (13:58)
Outlaw GTS: (14:26)
Mackinaw MTL1: (15:29)
Mackinaw Beast: (15:53)
Maimai P126: (16:35)
Quartz EC-T2: (17:14)
Thrax Jefferson: (17:34)
Type-66 Jen Rowley: (18:01)
Type-66 Cthulhu: (18:31)
Type 66 Javelina: (19:17)
Type-66 Avenger: (19:45)
Colby C125: (20:20)
Colby CX410 Butte: (21:13)
Colby Little Mule: (21:30)
Militech Basilisk: (21:58)

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35 thoughts on “Cyberpunk 2077 – All Unlockable Vehicles (Cars & Bikes Showcase)”

  1. There was a shion mizutashi from 6th street gang members which was a silver cabrio type, and it was the best car ive driven so far.
    The handling was clean and getting speed with it was so smooth.
    But you cant buy it …

  2. I hate that I missed out on the chance to get Beast. I really wanted that.Decided not to kill the dude and thought that Claire woulda just understood. CDPR could've at least say "Quest Failed" or something like that so that I could go reload the save. Didn't know that choosing to win the race would block ya off from getting the car.

  3. Anyone likes to drive the Delamain cab to missions? Armored taxi ready to delta you away and reminds you of that sad but epic first act mission..


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