Cyberpunk 2077 – ALL MONOWIRE MODS! Full Monowire Guide | Patch 1.52 (Locations & Guide)

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All Monowire Mods! Full Monowire Guide
The post-patch 1.52 video has been updated, and I’ve also added Sensory Amplifier locations.

00:00 – Intro
00:12 – Legendary Monowire Location
00:51 – Monowire – Chemical Damage (Rare), Monowire – Physical Damage (Rare)
01:30 – Monowire – Thermal Damage (Rare)
02:11 – Monowire – Electrical Damage (Rare)
02:38 – Monowire Battery, Low Capacity (Rare), Sensory Amplifier – Increases Armor by 5% (Rare)
03:46 – Monowire Battery, High Capacity (Epic), Monowire Battery, Medium Capacity (Epic)
04:22 – Sensory Amplifier – Increases Crit Damage by 20% (Rare)
05:00 – Sensory Amplifier – Increases Max Health by 15% (Rare)
05:34 – Sensory Amplifier – Increases Crit Chance by 2% (Rare)
06:17 – Monowire Mods in Slots

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Cyberpunk 2077 – ALL MONOWIRE MODS! Full Monowire Guide | Patch 1.52 (Locations & Guide)

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3 thoughts on “Cyberpunk 2077 – ALL MONOWIRE MODS! Full Monowire Guide | Patch 1.52 (Locations & Guide)”

  1. Ah Monowire… I want to pick it back up again at some point. I was originally using it on my netrunner since it seemed more appropriate than other cyber arms. At the time it scaled with Body & I wasn't really speccing into that. Now it scales with Reflexes, which I did spec 20 into. Decisions…

    So here's a little nugget of info. Both of my characters retained their Legendary Monowire that was looted from the garage/storage unit back in the earlier patches. However, both characters had both of the looted Legendary Mantis Blades (2 per char) revert down to Epic quality as of the recent patches. The one purchased from the ripperdoc on both characters remained Legendary.

    Footnote: The looted Mantis Blades had slightly higher stats than the store bought example in earlier game versions. Have screenshots showing it.


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