Cyberpunk 2077 – 5 Iconic Weapons YOU NEED TO GET! (BEST WEAPONS)

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Cyberpunk 2077 – 5 Iconic Weapons YOU NEED TO GET! (BEST WEAPONS)
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Cyberpunk 2077 Best WEAPONS for YOUR Playstyle (Legendary Weapons)

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25 thoughts on “Cyberpunk 2077 – 5 Iconic Weapons YOU NEED TO GET! (BEST WEAPONS)”

  1. There's a power shotgun, the headsman, can be found in act 1 or 2, its probably the most monstrous short range dps champion. It's the unique version of tactician shotgun, half the magazine cap to 4 rounds per reload, but double the pellets to 20 pellets per shot. it's the best short range insurance at low n mid lv even u r not a shotgun build.

  2. Kongou is called Kongo, the ou at the end is just a japanese way of indicating that the o has an elongated sound if you don't have the right character set to make the special ō character for a long o-sound since double vowels are not allowed

  3. They should have introduced a gun smith mode in this game. it would have made a better connection for you and your weapon of choice you're using. I don't think there is much variety in weapons either. sure, they're plentiful but I'm always finding the same guns. There's like 4 smgs, 4 assault rifles, etc etc for all the weapon groups. in a game that was supposed to be revolutionary, they over promised, under delivered. all weapons are just duplicates over each other. I usually just roll melee and quick hacks. it's more satisfying. The iconic weapons are nice and contradict my above statements. it's what's saving the whole thing, in my opinion.

  4. Im enjoying the game immensely. My 1st playthru got glitched. I began another and once i got the sniper rifle from Panam, and the smart sub machine gun from Arasaka industrial park u can take care of almost any enemy

  5. Skippy-I really hate this kind of Secret Bullshit that CD/PROD do in their Games.

    I had no idea that Skippy would change into puppy mode after 50 kills & then you get the Shitty mission to give it back..WTF.

    They give you the Best Handgun in the Game with the Best Stats only to make it not as good further on in the Game & then your Mission bound to give it back !!!! BULLSHIT !#

    CD-Projek Red this Game is supposed to be about Choice & not SURPRISE MECHANICS your Game is Broken enough so pull your head out of your Ass & Fix this Gun & the Game.

  6. trigger happy murderers (like myself) beware!! if you kill dum dum and royce and get the chaos you will miss out on dum dum`s iconic doom doom revolver later in the game, the doom doom is very powerful and cool gun so you might want to keep dum dum and royce alive for now..

  7. As of right now: Once you've crafted the Base Variant to the next Rarity, you may not craft it again because the base model is gone and this key factor will hurt you in the long run.

    Example: Dying Night pistol is given to you at an Uncommon/Green variant. If you craft it to the next Rarity (Blue) then again (Purple) and Finally (Gold) you're stuck with that Golden varient as you cannot craft it again and you're stuck upgrading it until level 50 which is absurd considering the cost of upgrading per level. This is not suppose to happen as once you gain an iconic weapon the blueprint should stick with you.

    So if you create a legendary Black Unicorn at level 21 you're stuck with a level 21 legendary Black Unicorn for the rest of the game. I hope there's a patch on the way for this ASAP


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