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Today in the news!
– 2K24 is NOT a slam dunk
– Cyberpunk 2077 2.0 is HOT

Written by: Emily Rose
Host: Jesse Cox

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01 – 2K24 NOT A SLAM DUNK –

02 – CYBERPUNK 2077 IS HOT –

5 Minute Gaming News is a short form program where old internet wizard Jesse Cox drops you just enough gaming news for your short attention span.

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00:0000:20 – iPhone Has Ray Tracing?
00:2103:01 – 2K24 is NOT a slam dunk
03:0205:44 – Cyberpunk 2077 2.0 is HOT


47 thoughts on “Cyberpunk 2077 2.0 is HOT | 5 Minute Gaming News”

  1. The PC market is plagued by companies and publishers that downgrade games and limit their potential because of what they think the average user's PC spec is. So CDPR being straight up and saying ahead of time this game is going to use whatever it is you've got shows they actually understand the PC end user. I wish more companies, lookin at you Bethesda, put the same level of effort in.

  2. Zero sympathy for anyone buying into any of EA or 2k's sports products. Either the stockholm syndrome is strong or ya'll just love the abuse at this point. Go ahead, keep giving these corpos your money while complaining about the lack of features and abundance of microtransactions. Surely they'll eventually listen, right? What was the definition of insanity again?

    As for Cyberpunk's update – yeah that does kinda worry me. Been having heating issues lately and recently replaced my thermal paste, but games like FFXIV still skyrocket my cpu to above 80c. Got an aio liquid cooler, all my fans are working fine, so I'll just have to keep an eye on things.

  3. iphones are absolutely not going to have ray-tracing, if a 3070-80, etc, are still struggling to do proper ray-tracing then a phone has no fucking chance – but apple has always been great at dishonest marketing.

  4. 2K and EA releases their games that way because sports games sell no matter what. Bad reviews and complaints about slot machines in 2k20 are all for naught because it just starfields…oops I meant sells, sorry for the slip. Don't know why greedy shady sports games that never evolve and are buggy copy paste messes would make me think of Starfield.

  5. 2k24 critisism 100% valid, on top of that, 2k keep closing access/servers to the previous games, even for gamemodes that shouldent require servers, like MyCareer.. So you can only play the previous title a year, then its complete e-waste. (But still sell the games at full price!!!!!!) Fuck 2k

  6. Jesse, I was on the fence about having a "5 minute news" show when you first launched it, but it's become my favorite way to get gaming news. Thank you for making it bite-sized for us.

  7. I'm sorry but I have no sympathy for anyone still buying the 2k games. They should know the games are just MTX filled trash made for a little as possible, can't blame the companies for continuing to do it when this strategy is making them so much money

  8. I'm honestly looking forward to jumping back into Cyberpunk. I was badly burned on launch which bled into my eventual full playthrough and left me kinda cold. There's been enough time passed now to look at it with fresh eyes, and with the overhaul and my enjoyment of Edgerunners… i'm ready to give it another chance. I mean when i finish Baulders Gate 3.

  9. Why are we still calling ps5/xbox series "next gen"?

    Aren't we over halfway through what is the "current gens" life cycle? It's not "next" it hasn't been for some time

    I doubt we're going to get a proper transition until what is the actual "next gen" comes out, unfortunately

  10. If companies keep forcing hardware to be cutting edge they can expect to lose customers…. as a lot of folks cannot upgrade every 2 years to meet their cutting edge. Some of us cannot upgrade but need to replace entire systems when we do, and have to work on a 5 year cycle on our equipment or even longer. Like microtransactions in any full priced game it makes them moot and not worth buying product from if they are going to pull this sort of thing.

  11. Something a lot of people don't understand is why games are either CPU-intensive or GPU-intensive. There are people constantly complaining about how a game isn't utilizing the CPU or the GPU but not understanding that if both are being utilized it's going to cause some serious heat. A GPU at idle can be like 140F.. It can go up to like 180F under load. An AMD GPU can safely go up to 230F.. A CPU at idle can be about 100F and up to about 175F under load.. both of those being at the high temps is not going to be good for the room the PC is in, you being near it, or the PC in general. Hence why the devs of Cyberpunk are warning people to check their cooling systems. If they're going to be utilizing both you're going to have sufficient cooling so things don't break nor you melt from the heat.

  12. I really wish that casual gamers stopped buying these trash sports games. They are literally the same game every year and people spend tons of money on the microtransactions each game. Just stop buying the new ones and play the current ones you have.

  13. So what you’re telling me is. We’ve gone from one of the most glitchy broken RPG’s, to a full 180 degree turn where the game is so good and so immersive it may make your machine go full cyberpsycho?

    Sign me up.

    Clicks DLC pre-order


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