Cyberpunk 2077: 193 Days Later

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Cyberpunk 2077 has returned to the PSN Store, but what, if anything, has changed? In this LIVE unmitigated reality check curated for the CD Projekt Red fanboys, Michael Does Life, continues to expose the reality of the situation in this Cyberpunk 2077 revisited review by MichaelDoesLife

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34 thoughts on “Cyberpunk 2077: 193 Days Later”

  1. Everyone wanted a good cyberpunk genre type game but the reality is CDPR LIED so hard and I'll never buy a CDPR game ever again.. thank you so much Michael for exposing the lazy millenial devs

  2. This entire blunder was all because of a cash grab off of the hype around the Netflix Witcher series..
    They launched the preorders for Cyberpunk unbelievably early because of the interest around the a CDPR project atm..
    What they did was so disgusting.. And most definitely the Developers are partially to blame for all of this.

    They had plenty of opportunity to sound the alarm. They didn't. It's over.

    They Still haven't fixed this game!

    I will never look at CDPR as I did..

  3. The Futuristic Caitlyn Jenner Simulator 2077 was dead in the water, then World Class dropped an aircraft carrier on it and sunk that fucker to the bottom of the ocean. Appreciate ya bro

  4. Mackel complains about his audience yet he can't even make a new thumbnail.What are you doing Mickey, are you too busy going UHUHUHUHUHUHU!!! It's sooooooo incredibly sad. IT'Z OVER!!!

  5. No its to late the moment the game was released it's done. If you have to do many updates to fix your games it's trash it's garbage it has no value at all? For the people that want to support it go on ahead support it! But to me if a game is broken to much forget it don't wast my time like No Man Sky lol. I am fed up with these type of games that are unfinished product and unpolished it's really sad and one hundred percent unacceptable. A game should be finished and tested from beginning,mid and end no exceptions and no excuses unless if you need more time then that's OK 👌 period.


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