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Cyberpsychosis Cyberpunks 2077 Deadliest Illness. Cyberpsychosis is an illness caused by an overload of cybernetic augmentations to the body. Today’s video talks about the symptoms examples and aftercare of Cyberpsychosis and what we can see in-game.

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0:39 Cyberpsychosis Synopsis
3:07 Victims of Cyberpsychosis
6:29 Cyberpsychosis In Gangs
9:04 Therapy/Aftercare of Cyberpsychosis
10:50 Outro
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33 thoughts on “CYBERPSYCHOSIS – Cyberpunk 2077 DEADLIEST Illness”

  1. So far as I can tell, you don't actually have any control over the outcome of cyberpsycho missions. Even if you use deadly force, almost all of them survive – in fact, the Mox lady you need to take down is all but unstoppable at the level you encounter her unless you knock her out with the nearby car lift – which SHOULD be fatal. Meanwhile, even if you leave the veteran in Demons of War eyes open and breathing, you still get a message where Regina wishes you left him alive.

  2. I wish the game pushed you to investigate the stories more. You can completely miss the stories and just walk up and kill them and miss out if you don’t read the shards

  3. I am a bit disappointed that there is no humanity mechanic in the game like in the table top game. For a single-player video game I get why CDPR did not include it. It could have been very cool though. You would have the option to bulk up on cyberware to make the quest to get rid of the biochip easier but at the same time have to contend with possibly losing yourself in the process. You only have weeks to live and that is not enough time to adjust to the implants that would be needed to solo Arasaka tower.

  4. Theory, cyber psychosis is caused by brain manipulation like with peralez but it’s in a much earlier stage similar to the person tested by night Corp. the one who goes crazy, strangles their coworker then jumps out the window. Cyberpsychoes are those who have reacted badly to brain manipulation

  5. Ohhhhhh snappppp I always just killed the psychos because I wanted to be the only cyberpsycho in NC. I go around killing dozens of NCPD units pretending to be a cyberpsycho with gorilla fists. Now I watch this video I see that there's a very tragic story behind the psychos. Should read the game shards a bit more. Oh well, I will just save the final 3 psychos that I find in my game.

  6. I did all these missions half thinking Regina was secretly building her own psycho army and this was gonna bite me in the ass haha But she did appear sincere enough and seemed to care so I did them. Glad my suspicions were wrong! I just got so used to everyone being so fucked up I didn't fully trust her you know.

  7. Something I couldn't help but feel about the cyberpsychos is not many of them actually seemed to be suffering from cyberpsychosis. At least one of them was just someone in a bad position who refused to give in, and instead turned to violence.

  8. Because of this vid you made, I am going to do the cyber psychosis gigs. I totally avoided them and did others that are so effing lame and repetitive, these look cool. OMG the sisters one talk about pure evil!

  9. This looks like an awesome game with a reach storyline that sheds light on a possible future if we carry on the way we are. I like that the game doesn’t encourage you to be a heroic killer also, never really got that paradox of concept.

  10. I never finished the cyberpsycho questline. I don't find it particularly interesting. People don't need cybernetics to turn into mass-killing monsters and all this felt like was clearing dots on a map for some money and xp.

  11. It’s possible the reason cyber psychosis doesn’t effect women as much is because women can hold two souls at once. It’s a common thing in the magic circle. Supposedly some rogue AI cause cyber psychosis too so women might hand the extra AI.

    Two souls = her soul and her womb (baby holder for another soul)

  12. the shards in cyberpunk are so interesting !!! some are ridiculously dark…i wonder how much read the shards… anyone who completed this game in record time have not really played the game , playing this game and reading shards can be an epic journey to other gigs and stuff its epic, who ever compile all these really put some time in this to tie in to one another,,, if you read the shards ( all ) you will understand how deep cyberpunk goes….hitting the Cyberpsychos hack is interesting to watch how it goes ( major effort to take down from them members )


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