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From Cohh, “I’d also like to make sure folks know that, although I didn’t do any sponsored streaming for this game, CDPR did include me as a cameo (Garry the Prophet) and did send me some collectors items. This did not influence my opinion or words in any way but I feel you should know!”

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32 thoughts on “Cohh's Thoughts On Cyberpunk 2077”

  1. I have been playing on PS4 pro and I have been enjoying it .. it’s not perfect but nothing in life is perfect . I like it .. I think maybe romances/friendships could have had a few more interactions for everyone .

  2. I don't really like the story too much it was very limited and linear and didn't factor in many choices until the one at the end, but at least it works fairly well on Xbox series x and PlayStation 5 much better than the previous gen consoles

  3. I even stopped playing the game because i liked the story so much. playing further in this state is not fair for the game it could be.
    the interaction between V and judy for instance i really liked the "only friends"- angle!
    even better then panam part.
    but the world feels like a cardboard city easily poking through the immersion the story deserves.

    truly sad to see how money and greed tainted this potential art piece…

  4. If CD put me in the game I wouldn’t shit on it either. God knows he wants to be in their next one, it’s boring, nothing special. Played on Series X, didn’t finish it, might go back at some point

  5. Gonna wait till after the game gets through beta to play it if that ever happens. Really sad, I did hear a rumor that the game was scrapped in 2019 and remade from scratch. Kinda makes sense when you think about it..

  6. Can‘t help but think about gamer‘s Stockholm syndrome here. Would be interested to know what you think are the features that are even game of the decade material. I‘ve 100% the game on consoles. Besides the obvious technical issues the game in its vision appears generic. It did in no way update on the now stale corporate criticism of Cyberpunk. It‘s gameplay mechanics are shallow (skill trees do not actually impact play style for example, hacking is tedious) and in many cases do not work. The story while interesting is short, well-acted, but strangely bland. The districts, while visually different, play and feel exactly the same.

  7. CDPR could probably learn a thing or two from Hello Games at this point. No Man's Sky is the best example of a game in recent years that I can think of that overpromised and underdelivered. And Hello Games turned it around and saved their reputation. I wouldn't count CDPR out yet.

    People seem to forget that Witcher 3 is riddled with glitches, too. Still. To this day.

  8. Poor management, employee abuse and a mediocre product are the result of unregulated and corrupt systems that allow companies to get away with whatever they want in the name of profit. Cyberpunk.

  9. How can you sit there and lie to viewers? My first comment about this game comes now when there are so many videos and true reviews out. This game is a straight-up scam. Lego World has better AI than most anticipated open-world game of the decade….

  10. 9:05 Damn, Cohh is the real deal. He doesn't just start overly bashing on the game cause that's what everyone's doing. He actually hopes this game can recover from it's fall. I hope too.

  11. I know this is a bit necro, but how absolutely idiotic are the execs there?! How could they look at a clearly unfinished game and go "You know what, this is hot garbage that is nowhere near done, but we really like money so let just release it!" "There is absolutely no way that this will blow up in our faces!" Seriously…how could they not see this shitstorm coming from a mile off. That is what boggles my mind the most…is that these people that are supposed to be in charge have absolutely no fucking clue how the world works lol

  12. I want to love this game but I'm not there yet. Just looking at the menu near enough gave me a seizure. Maybe I'm getting too old but I rarely say I want more hand-holding in games but I feel this game was sooo ambitious that I need it for this.

  13. The game is quite awesome in my opinion, BUT it's not the masterpiece we were waiting for and it has room for improvement. It's not the game that was advertised but it was still a blast to go through for me 🔥

  14. I agree with the complaints you have cohh, for me though the main issue is the story. AI can be improved, cops can be properly implemented, bugs can be fixed. However it's too late to fix the story. Once I got the relic and out of viks shop, I was looking everywhere for arasaka, I mean I'd just stolen their most secret and important tech and there's nobody chasing me at all at any point. They found jackies body, but never me? Didn't make sense to me at all. Then through the game you pretty much slaughter half of every gang, and there's no backlash from it. Those alone really make the story miss for me. I'd also have loved that 6 month montage with jackie to be playable, I mean him dying really didn't hit hard due to the fact you barely spend any time around him.

  15. "Damn Corpos", I mean, maybe. But when the product was announced 8 years ago, and is still in a shoddy state, can you blame someone for saying "get your shit together and get this out the door?"

    The key lesson, is to never buy a game a launch. Always wait at least 3 months. Every game is broken at launch now.


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