CDPR's Pre-Release "Cyber ElBuggado 2020" Bug Video Was Leaked… – Cyberpunk 2077 Bugs

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35 thoughts on “CDPR's Pre-Release "Cyber ElBuggado 2020" Bug Video Was Leaked… – Cyberpunk 2077 Bugs”

  1. I still can't believe in a 'finished' game when I got into a car with a driver as part of a mission the car would continually crash into buildings until you had the option to skip dialogue

  2. On Pc I have a ton of fun playing CP and the only really common wierd bug I encountered (that wasn't fixed by saving and reloading the game to finish a mission or not have feature working correctly) was cars repeatedly spawning where other cars were and blowing up, creating massive wrecks, etc. and that happens everywhere (Badlands, Downtown, etc.). Fell through the map a few times, couldn't call takemura (Helman mission, had to replay part of mission to get it to continue (of course found that had to let Johnny finish talking to get better chance as was also the case in Kold Mirage (Nix- Bartmoss's deck mission).
    Turning around and having all the NPCs be gone, cars being different, but….not a game breaker, just interesting to see a character have a fence or whatever attached to their body and not be able to rid themselves of it. I guess after 1.2 the worst was taking Gustavo Ortez body down the elevator and having his body float up in the elevator so could get put into Padres car and just shot him to finish mission, also same happened with BugBear jumping off second story balcony and having her body float at second story level and having to carry her out down the stairs instead, as I could no longer open the gate to take her down fire escape area from the inside (like before 1.2) without very high level Engineering (used to be able to double jump onto fire escape walk down an open the door from the inside no requirement (like most areas where you cant open a door from outside but leaving there is no requirement to open the door). Simple immersion things like post 1.2 Johnny's voice after getting to hemann goes up 30 dbs and is noticeably much louder than other conversation, come on cant fix voice volume?
    But in general, it seems very playable and loving it. Hate the nerfing after 1.2 of the netrunner build (not being able to get legendary Cyberdecks till much, much higher street cred, not being able to get free QH's from mining terminals like before, cant do Kold Storage till over 30 SC and about lvl 25 in Character and if you open the freezer without seeing the yellow handle it can permantly keep you from getting the Epic System Reset (needed to get the Legendary after doing Spellbound and hacking the book).

    Obviously they came a long way from what they started with, engine and commands must have need a ton of tweaking to have work at all. Of course a lot of guys in their command center (bedroom) can use real engine 4 (for free) and develope a much more playable game, so you have to wonder WTF?

  3. Let's be honest. If CDPR just released this with one of their setback announcements the community may have been a little less upset and more willing to give a bit of time for them to fix the bugs.

  4. I mean…. It's one thing to go haha-funny at a thing you just so happened to cause while making your game…. It's an entirely differen't thing altogether to be making modded vehicles made of cheeseburgers and hotdogs, wheelchairs… And replacing meshes with chickens rather than fucking working. No wonder we got what we got. Even though this fucking game was teased back in 2014- They barely made it fucking functionable. Pathetic. CD Projekt Rard can suck shit.


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