CDPR Latest News! Cyberpunk 2077 Update, The Witcher 3 Patch, Important GOG Cloud Saves Announcement

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Today we will be taking a look at the latest CDPR game news including Cyberpunk 2077 new Embody collaboration, The Witcher 3 Patch alongside new Redkit Update and a very important news regarding GOG Galaxy cloud saves.

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Intro: 0:00
Cyberpunk 2077 & Embody collaboration: 0:19
What About FSR 3?: 3:15
The Witcher 3 & RedKit Update: 5:14
Important GOG Clouds Saves Announcement: 7:25
Final Thoughts & Outro: 10:56


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36 thoughts on “CDPR Latest News! Cyberpunk 2077 Update, The Witcher 3 Patch, Important GOG Cloud Saves Announcement”

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  2. So the Immerse software is basically like DTS: X? I already bought DTS: X, and Cyberpunk 2077's start screen I think says that it supports it, but I'm actually not that happy with how it sounds in the game. It makes the voices from phone calls sound very sharp, it kinda hurts my ears. DTS: X works well in other games though like Rainbow Six Siege.

    At least there's a free trial so we'll get to really know if Immerse is worth buying.

  3. I'm on PlayStation 5 and use the cloud/GOG my rewards to save even though I don't have a PC that can run Cyberpunk 2077 or Witcher 3 nor can I afford one so will my saves be ok and if not, then how do I manage them?

  4. Thanks for covering all these news! Especially when it's game fest and online expo season right now, and most gamers are focusing on other titles/publishers.

    Are you doing some Witcher 3 modding for fun with the new Redkit?
    I was watching some official tutorials and it's super detailed. Talented modders can do a lot of stuff with the game now.

  5. -Immerse is really very good. I have it for Final Fantasy 14 and it really does change things up if you have decent to great audio devices at least.
    -Just FYI, they have already been deleting save files from their cloud. I lost all of my 460+ hours of game saves for BG3 because I took a 2 month break from the game.

  6. Thanks LKM for responding to me. I REALLY hope Cyberpunk 2077 get full support for Steam Workshop for auto modding. I will rebuy on Steam Cyberpunk 2077 and its DLC phantom liberty if it does. I already rebought witcher 3 when they released offical Steam Workshop support…

  7. Oh man do I need to add my mod again after the new update? I installed like 500!!!! does FSR 3 is better than DLSS 2? I have a GTX 3060 Ti! does FSR 3 can run it better than DLSS 2? thanks for the video BTW

  8. So they make up some audio package that we have to buy to improve the game but they cannot fix the borked audio in the game, well done!!!! Cloud saves suck on all platforms, people should always rely on themselves to back up their save game files. As for future updates, well unless they add some new content which they will not I will be blocking any hotfix as my 500 odd mods are not worth messing up.

  9. This is kinda lame because I've got 14 Manual Saves across 4(almost fully complete) playthroughs on Cyberpunk after deleting about another 150 I'm still above 200MB. Every single save file is above 4MB and putting it together with quicksaves and autosaves it adds up too much.

  10. Wonder if CDPR will ever fix all the graphics settings they broke with W3 nxt gen update, and all the RT bugs that plague the game, but most of all the non RT broken shadows settings and HBAO+ making grass blurry whenever it’s not being directly hit by sunlight….

  11. First played this game on my Xbox one, now I’m on ps5 and it really feels like a completely new game with the dlc and updates. Right now before meeting takamura after the heist I’m basically grinding to get my character op asf before the continuing story

  12. Does anyone feel that the lack of FSR 3 is because how close CPDR worked with Nvidia as Cyberpunk was used as a vehicle for Frame Gen and DLSS and after playing Ghost of tsushima with DLSS and FSR 3 is a game changer

  13. I'm so annoyed that cdpr has still refused to implement FSR 3. Its such a slap to the face to their community considering most of the people who bought the game can't run nvidia frame gen.


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