CDPR Just Made The Most Important Decision Ever! Cyberpunk 2077 Huge News on Modding Support & More

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CDPR Just Made The Most Important Decision Ever! Cyberpunk 2077 Huge News on Modding Support & More
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43 thoughts on “CDPR Just Made The Most Important Decision Ever! Cyberpunk 2077 Huge News on Modding Support & More”

  1. I love how people are claiming the RED Engine is unstable yet from what I heard Bethesda is using a severely outdated engine and EA's Frostbite engine is the worst to work with

    all that aside console mods CAN happen regardless of Sony saying no to them because Microsoft would happily say yes to them which would lead to Sony allowing them just to suit their ego lol

  2. You guys are overhyping the mod support. It’s not going to change the fact that the story is bad and your choices don’t matter. They can hire all the mods they want, the game is fundamentally flawed

  3. I want a mod that adds a gun (power/smart/tech) instead of mini missiles. A rocket booster to legs and night/thermal vision to optics as cyberware options. Oh yeah and a God Damned flash light.

  4. So I originally downloaded cyberpunk 2077 through steam. Will these added mods be downloadable trhough stream or separately? No really sure how to find and add mods now so just wondering if they will make it easier but just letting PC owners get it through steam as a download to add. Kinda like a 1.3 update. If they add flying cars or enhancements to the game can they just come in as a regular update?

  5. Ok this is great. With extra hands it should be able to get back ontrack. Looking forward to having the bugs fixed and the police system sorted out. Hopefully this is what it means.

  6. The only 2 things I'm really dissappointed about are the lackluster lifepaths with absolute no depth at all and the horrible balance/rpg mechanic (every attribute when maxed can clear the game super easy even on the hardest difficulty setting). I hope that these issues are getting a revamp but I'm not really that optimistic anymore.

  7. some features I would love to see:
    ability to change hair style
    ability to change makeup
    ability to change body style including face shape, over all adjutants to muscle and fat shape and sizes
    more eye color/styles
    more style and colors for nails
    ability to change colors for all weapons and clothing as well as appearance
    increased max levels for character and street cred
    a place to sell stolen cars to like a chop shop
    a place to sell dead bodies to
    ***you know all those locked doors through the entire game? put something in those places!

  8. I'd love to have the option with these modding tools to add brand new animations to the game.

    And what happened to the investor call that was supposed to take place the past three days or so.

  9. sorry for the big text.

    This shall i express myself???…this game has great Ost´s/Soundtracks, i rly love the story and the sidequests although is short.

    I just feel cheated because I thought I could do a lot more in the game.

    I play on PC, this game has good graphics, the city view for me is excellent, I have some bugs and I still have them, but it's not the bugs that bother me.

    As CDPR was talking about a new generation of open world/rpg, I imagined seeing at least the same features as a gta 4 or 5, get a haircut, go shopping, rob a store, go boating, join a gang, I don't know, so much.

    The story itself is excellent, but even so I feel like I didn't have a choice, because I'm always going to end up fucking myself.

    I want to believe that cdpr will make this game a no man sky thing, so see you in 2025.

  10. 1- 3rd person
    2-In game character customization/xmog' ish
    3-vehicle customization garage/ paint shop
    4-weapon and clothing color customization
    If cdpr added these four stars you would have to pry my controller out of my hand with a crowbar lmao!

  11. This isn't a great thing, if this actually works out for them then more companies will see that they don't have to make a good game by release because they can just hire modders to fix their mess for them.

  12. I recently just started playing a heavily modded Skyrim after years of not touching the vanilla game and it almost feels like I'm playing an entirely different game. A game that's 10x better than the base version. For PC players at least, Cyberpunk may end up being very similar in that regard in the years to come.

  13. That will be nice if they (CDPR's modders) put a good/bad path in the game-play: for example, if we decide to kill Takemura, we will start to deal with the first corpo who betraye us in the beginning of the corpo, and if we kill him too, Adam Smasher will chase us because "we kill important members of the Arasaka crew", and if we destroy Adam smasher, we can have his cyber-ware and, when we walking on the street people get scare of us ad run in a similar way when you start to shot to the crow or when you get too near to the citizens with the cars/motorcycle, etc… and we unlock missions/quest more violent and darker and start to deal with "BAD FIXERS" ( for example Wakako Hokada,); if we behave good, with meet more good fixers etc… unlocking different missions (like save someone).
    Similar if we decide to kill Panam ( or raper her/kill her), the Aldecaldo clan will chase you randomly around the map, specially if you travel outside the map, in the badlands. IF you kill Judy, the Mox clan will chase you engaging some hacker/cyber criminal/cop-Bladerunner similar guy ( maxtag agent) etc…
    That will be nice if we can save Jackie and make him became a fixer ( good one) or if we decide after to kill Jackie, make his mother try to get the revenge against us in the similar way the other clans/team/persons interact with us after make this kind of choices, unlocking more side-quest and finals.
    That will be fun if we decide to interrupt violently some mission, and if we do, automatically decrease our reputation because we make something stupid or ( like we said before) if we decide to help the bad guys, make us increase the BAD REPUTATION or if we decide to complete the mission, take a good reputation.
    I still don't see ( specially on consoles old and next gen) an improvement of the A.I ( cops/max tag way to appear, gangs-gang's war, riots, shopping owners react shooting the gangs who try to stole them something or us ( if we start to shoot them).
    Same thing the Night city inhabitants: we need to hear them talk more random thing just passing thru them or if we decide to interact to them, asking some information about some street/building/gang-guy etc.. and they say to us "go over there, or I don't know, or I don't know but ask to those cops/gangs/bartender and maybe they will give you the information, or "I don't know, go away idiot" or "get out of my sight" ( JUST TO GIVE AN EXAMPLE), etc….
    And if you decide to beat them, they can react to you running away, attacking you ( with guns/knives/blades/cyber-ware, etc….) or simply call the police/gang near by them ( following all the interactions start to follow this event, etc…)
    What about more mini games like "the beast in me", play the arcades or the billiard ( maybe some "whypeout Easter eggs" or make more tournament like that) or make us play some arcade or "virtual similar Pacman/Arcanoid/some virtual dogfight with planes and making us unlocking more side-quest and make us meet more fixers/net-runner/drivers, etc…..
    What about the taxis, the metro, the flying cars, etc……?
    How you can see there is still a lot of things to do to make this game the game you ( CDPR) say that will be. Good job.
    Pleas don't let this game at this own destiny.

  14. Cyberpunk is broken. CDPR nerfs the crap out of it with every update. 1.2 killed a ton of things that could be done in the game, and 1.3 does even more at changing the game. What does CDPR focus on: fixing the glitches NO, restricting your ability to make $ YES, fixing immersion issues NO, fixing exploits that gamers enjoy using YES. Removing items from loot boxes YES, putting in better items NO.
    What Game producer constantly changes their loot boxes and exploits and ways to play the game that are your choice….NONE. They continually nerf netrunner builds, why? Even a netrunner build on 1.06 was not OP in early game ever and even in later gameplay it would be faster to shoot everybody with silenced weapons than to quick hack them. SO…since this is not a PVP online game then "Balancing" is not an issue and no company with a single player campaign has ever nerfed the play style. Imagine if GTA 5 said we are nerfing the rocket launcher so they dont blow up cars anymore in single player campaign, people would go WTF?
    My favorite version is 1.23 where you could still do some crazy exploits but were limited by the SC and level in early game. Watch my how to be OP early game on 1.23 and tell me how the exploits ruined the game, cause i dont see it. Whereas 1.3 forces you to grind the game much more or sacrifice $ and abilitys (Cyberware, crafting specs, clothing purchases all require $). If you never played the game before, you wouldn't notice the difference, having played it tons since its release you feel the changes a lot.
    Nerfing netrunner but giving people an invisibility cloak is crazy. Its like giving smart weapons so that people who cant get headshots feel better about playing the game. I dont complain about Smart weapons (seldom use them as I like other weapons) but making my position known simply because I do a breach protocol or Quick hacking without ever being seen is BS.
    Lowering the effectiveness of contagion and overheat is crazy as until your level is much higher, quick hacking is trash compared to shooting guys yet now it will be even less effective and takes away a style of gameplay because of it. They put in exploits such as crafting at high levels in Technical Ability to make endless $. So they control how to play the game instead of leaving it a choice for the gamer.
    Farming gang members is an exploit. To fix that all CDPR would have to do is make a police star issue every time you killed a gang member who wasn't authorized to be killed by being an NCPD mission, but they haven't ever touched that exploit, why?

  15. Modders can save the game. Hope they add better character creation, muscular body, new romance options, the possibility to join a gang, better Ai, apartments to buy, make the city more real, exc… The list is very long…

  16. Is it possible for modders to produce what CDPR promised initially? The gameplay demo looked amazing.

    If they can get it 90-95% close to what CDPR promised then I will actually buy the game.


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