CDPR Just Hired MODDERS to Help Fix Cyberpunk 2077 & Add Mod Support

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Today we talk about the incredible news to come out earlier today about how CD Projekt Red has officially hired several Cyberpunk 2077 community modders to help work on the game.



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43 thoughts on “CDPR Just Hired MODDERS to Help Fix Cyberpunk 2077 & Add Mod Support”

  1. Finally CDPR has stopped with the endless investor placating bullshit pr, and are actually taking concrete and big steps towards doing what they promised and improving the game instead of just endlessly concentrating on bug fixes. Really good news.

  2. about time they are doing this! I am glad that Bethesda and CDPR finally realised how much of an untapped potential our modding community is when it comes their game feature and development!

  3. I think this is a win-win situation, for both CDPR and the modders, modders get the real credit and respect they deserve, and they pay back by making the game they love so much, improving it and making it better. Hopefully this marks the right way for Cyberpunk 2077 to become the game we all wanted on release.

  4. cdpr: hey beth, we're now useing modders to fix our game
    bugthesda: good idea, we are doing this for over a decade now
    cdpr: how? you just release half finished games and mod kits
    bugthesda: exactly, the modding community fixes our games for free
    cdpr: yeah….but no, we hire modders and pay them good money, our reputation is to important
    bugthesda: why? reputation is bs, these sheeps out there will buy our next game anyway and mod it for free wich will ceep it alive for years and decades… we are already working on an anniversary edition of skyrim so the modders can start all over again like with the special edition.
    cdpr: …

  5. Don't have the game but I'm following it closely. I'm not really salty about it too much as I never get hyped or pre-order anything. I'll buy this and be happy when it's fixed. This is a good step. I hope this game is truly playable as I want a cyberpunk game. Im kinda done with Witcher stuff for now.

  6. Finally game developers have realized that the only way to make a good game out of a clusterf*$k of a poorly optimized one is to not only listen to the people PLAYING them but also those that are MODDING them!

  7. Modding scalping/scouting is logical; pretty much the same recruitment system professional sports teams use to get fresh talent.
    Actually, am impressed with Bethesda & CDPR for the fact that they're taking this step; aggressive, intelligent thus savvy all-around out of the box thinking –makes a great deal of sense to me.
    Excited for the mod developers and the communities that will benefit from their work.

    Community patches and general mods have made a difference considering a wide array of game titles in the past spanning many genres and was always a point of consideration (for me) as a possible area for talent provided that they're (modders & patch developers) kept in a black box; the only real consideration is that they're kept out of the mainstream left to approach the game as they did as an indie without corporate distractions allowing them to continue doing what they do best.

    Could not agree more with the video bullet points; Red Guy & Doc Coke pretty much sum up the general census in the modding community for the past decade (or more) that I've been dabbling with modding games as a consumer. It's about time, all I have left to say on the matter.

    Good vid, btw.

  8. PLEASE, someone tell them to set weapons to base values and remove level-scaling from them. Our damage should be upgrade, mod, cyberware, attribute, skill and perk oriented. I should never be level-locked out of something I've found while exploring, that's just garbage design!

  9. It was meme'd into existence… a lot of that has been happening recently 🤔 anyways, props on CDPR for being able to swallow corporate pride and hiring the talent that want to see this grow.


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