CDPR Just Gave Us Yet Another BIG Update on the Future of Cyberpunk 2077 & Phantom Liberty

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Today we talk about the recent earnings call from CD Projekt Red and the updates about their future games and company.

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35 thoughts on “CDPR Just Gave Us Yet Another BIG Update on the Future of Cyberpunk 2077 & Phantom Liberty”

  1. I'm glad the anime helped CDPR, even if I disliked it. Looking forward to expansions to the game. I recently got it half off on GOG, (not sure if that deal is still on), and I've been playing it non-stop.

  2. I dont know how everyone act like this is good game. All promises before game are broken, a lot of cut content and features, ruined imersion and so on. It feels empty and shallow

  3. I'm not gonna lie, after the Edgerunners update, Cyberpunk became the one of, if not, the best open-world games I've ever played. But even with that, I still want some improvements in the game such as the AI, there are mods to improve it but come on.. Also, enemy diversity, I want some enemies to be closing on me while their allies shoot from afar and trying to hack me or enemies that need a gimmick to kill instead of just powering through everything.

    When it comes to the Edgerunners anime, David's story has already ended, a new protagonist will be welcomed because that's what Night City is, it creates legends.

  4. Can someone explain, are they going to continue releasing updates to the base game, in addition to the paid expansion? I heard rumours they were going to finally overhaul the police system, but there has been no news recently.

  5. too bad i won't be able to run cyberpunk for the next decade until i can actually afford to run it on high settings. and by then we might even have mods that make it less empty. i pirated it at release, it barely ran at all while burning my laptop to the ground, and the only aspect of the game that caught my attention was taking screenshots, but on low settings, it's pointless to play the game for level design only.

  6. it is almost like, if they delievered the game the promised on release, and not taking a year+ to fix it, most of the hate would have been nonexistent. The lore of Cyberpunk 2020 is so deep and rich

  7. As much as I absolutely loved Edgerunners, I will riot if Arcane loses. I know nothing about League, but Arcane had some of the best writing I have seen in media for a long while.

  8. Cyberpunk 2077 should stand as a testament to what a bad launch can do to your whole company. Yes, you can recover and eventually start making money from your game, but look what it took to get there? Fortunately, they had a solid game, a real "AAA title" but thousands upon thousands wouldn't give it a chance because of how strikingly horrible the launch experience was. Personally, I am glad to see people play and enjoy the game. I loved the whole thing from start to finish. I would like to play it again but I am waiting until plenty of time passes because I want to remember as little as possible from the game on my next playthrough. What would rush a second playthrough is if the game is released on the upcoming Playstation VR2 headset. Cyberpunk and VR together at last. Consider me unavailable for several days once that releases.

  9. I played the game at launch and didn’t revisit until just a few weeks before ER. I felt that the game had massively improved even at that point, putting in about 40 more hours just doing gigs and side quests, then ER dropped and was just an unexpected surprise for me 😊 I installed about 140 mods making the game even more immersive and I got to a point I was just walking around NC taking in the sights haha. I absolutely love it, and I hope fan support continues even after phantom liberty drops.

  10. Of course their earnings were massive. It seems a lot of people have the wrong impression about what Cyberpunk did for them.

    While it was buggy and gave them a lot of bad press it was also a massive financial success. Their stock prices took a hit over the bad press, not their profit margin.


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