CDPR Just Gave Us a HUGE Update on Cyberpunk 2077's Future

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Today we take a look at the latest Night City Wire to drop with some updates around patch 2.0 and Phantom Liberty for Cyberpunk 2077.

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00:00 – Intro
00:46 – New Trailer Breakdown
05:13 – New Radio & Music
07:00 – Update 2.0

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Cyberpunk 2077 — Night City Wire: Phantom Liberty Special:
Phantom Liberty Build Planner:
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Patch 2.0 Impressions:
The Neon Arcade:

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48 thoughts on “CDPR Just Gave Us a HUGE Update on Cyberpunk 2077's Future”

  1. As long as 2.0 is out before Phantom Liberty, its good to me. If players do find any big issues with 2.0, this gives them a little head start with hotfixes before players come back to try the Expansion.

  2. Just stop with the bs cyberpunk spilt the teams and make a new witcher and a new IP give them the ability to make their own world and not one borrowing the lore and we will see if they are creators, or just a band of European copy thieves

  3. I hope they add more visible cybernetics, even if it’s just cosmetic I wanted my character to be a full on cyber demon but u can’t go that far. I also want the option to remove your jaw and nose like the joytoy you see if you force your way into fingers clinic, I just want my version of V to be as far from human as possible

  4. i just want new appearance customization stuff. expand clothing, cyberware, hairstyles etc to include the inaccessible stuff we see on npcs. that stuff should never have been mod-reliant.

  5. Dude when I saw the jacket change at first I was like cool spy tech. But then I just realized, what if that’s just how transmogring looks like when you are out in NC and you change your outfit? Also cool lol

  6. 0:57 "Solomon Reed (…) they're a secret agent"
    You mean 'he' right?
    2:20 'Songbird (…) they're an elite netrunner'
    Ok, you are doing this deliberately.
    Stop trying to make 'they/them' happen for a single person as opposed to a group of people.

  7. I'll be playing the game before 2.0 to say goodbye to the current state of the game which I absolutely love. I can't wait to see what changed as well.

    Notice how Songbird seems distracted on the NUSA Force craft? right before it gets shot down? I wonder if she was talking to V at that moment through the relic.

  8. I feel like the tech of clothing conversion is similar to the in-universe lore reasoning for the clothing trans-mog in base game: Advanced projection technology.

    I mean, the government probably has more advanced versions, but of a similar vein at least.


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