CDPR Is Still Trying To Settle Abandoning Concerns For Cyberpunk…

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41 thoughts on “CDPR Is Still Trying To Settle Abandoning Concerns For Cyberpunk…”

  1. I work in games QA myself, seeing their post where they essentially threw the QA department under the bus was really shitty, the project was clearly mismanaged, don't blame minimum wage QA testers because you fucked up the project.

  2. Their credibility has practically hit rock bottom with the awful release of CP2077. If they abandon the game, it really will be rock bottom. You dont get to just pat your ass and walk away after making such big promises. Even "No Man's Sky" had the common decency to deliver on the promises they made 5 years after launch.

  3. You missed the point where there are people like me, who just wait till they fucking fix their game to continue playing it. I finished a few missions after prolog on PS4, and since release I didn't event touch it. My friend was smarter than me and didn't even buy this mess, and he is waiting just like me.

  4. You lost me on “the game is so good”… the bugs were not the only problem. The ai, the police system, the emptiness of the open world and many more problems beyond just the bugs.

  5. So I've spent 50 hours playing Cyberpunk. Did I get my moneys worth? Yeah. I'd say so. But was I happy with what was sold to me? I'd say no. I'm disappointed. Here lies the problem for me. Even if they fix all the bugs, the game isn't what I expected. Instead of having something profound where I want to tell my friends about it and play many different styles. What we essentially got was a pretty generic FPSRPG.

    For me to be interested in ever playing it again or even recommend it, I think they would need to look back at what they was showing in their own gameplay before release and add all those things they promised. Essentially what they need to do is completely revamp the AI so I feel like I'm in a world that's lived in and I'm not on an island where my choices don't really matter.

  6. That they dropped the multiplayer is imho the best thing they could have done, it shows that they are commiting their resources to the single player game.
    I also think it is true that dropping Cyberpunk 2077 is not an option for them.
    But could they survive dropping CDPR? Probably, but in the long run I think that would be bad for them. If nothing else this PR hole their in would become deeper.

  7. Abandoning anthem wasn’t an option either….oh wait they did do that, this game will be no different. Game companies only like to talk the talk as far as I’m concerned all game advertising is a lie now a days

  8. The Wither 3 had issues at launch and CDPR stuck with it, fixed it, and did good customer service and PR. Now it's one of the most loved titles in recent history. No reason CDPR can't do the same for Cyberpunk 2077.

  9. I really wanted to like the game. I pre ordered. But I just hate it. I played for about 3 hours and uninstalled the game. It happened to be at a point the game glitched on and it just ticked me off. So I got rid of it. Maybe one day if they dont abandon it as you say, it could improve to a point I would want to play again.

  10. i enjoy the game i lost a 40 hr save due to the glitches tho and the taking away full nudity kinda pisses me off. like why include and hype it if youre going to censor it even when i shut off censorship option. honestly i just want the game free addons and the expansion packs they promised. idc i cant climbing using mantis blades anymore if i get cool shit.

  11. Witcher 3 and it's DLC consistently sells year after year, why would they not want that with Cyberpunk?

    Imagine lets say they do not fix it and 3-5 years down the track Netflix make a Cyberpunk TV show. They'd be kicking themselves for the lost revenue.

    Plus if they shelve it, will they ever have the customer's loyalty? Probably not. Which will effect their future sales.

  12. I think maybe cdpr were a bit too impatient. They had only really made Witcher titles, and to just make something completely different out of nowhere, instead of slowly branching out and learning how to do different things was silly. Like if u took the rpg elements out of Witcher…you’d start to notice some of its flaws, it is a very clunky game, things pop out of nowhere, textures go missing, roach gets stuck on a wall. Nothing against the Witcher 3, it’s literally my favourite game, but I could kinda see this happening. I never bought cyberpunk but prob will wen it’s fixed.

  13. I’ve played through four times on the PS4 base model. Those experiences, especially during an illegal lockdown here in the US, were all enjoyable. If I closed all my open tabs, even before the patch, I would have to deal with a crash every 6 to 8 hours. I’ve had one crash since. My PS4 isn’t magical and I’m not a patient gamer, this game isn’t Anthem or Fallout 76 and it’s getting a worse wrap than it deserves. Game reviewers in general are like Bethesda games. They put out more crap every time and some of them spend little or even no time playing the game.


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