CD Projekt Red Responds To Cyberpunk 2077 Rumors – H.A.M. Radio Podcast Ep 284

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Intro: 00:0017:00

What We’re Playing: 17:0138:20

Cyberpunk 2077 Misinformation: 38:2149:30

Dying Light 2 Sees Significant Departure: 49:311:00:40

Outriders Delayed Again: 1:00:411:09:36

Luigi’s Mansion 3 Studio Acquired By Nintendo: 1:09:361:40:09

Patron Questions: 1:40:09 – END


24 thoughts on “CD Projekt Red Responds To Cyberpunk 2077 Rumors – H.A.M. Radio Podcast Ep 284”

  1. Matty, this can't be said enough: huge thank you for always providing time stamps on your podcast!

    Also, consistently great work as always. One of my favourite YouTube channels for gaming in an ecosystem full of mediocre ones.

  2. 49:50 shame about Dying Light 2… I was really looking forward to it..

    But now you got me thinking about someone leaving and a game getting better…

    Would Rod Ferguson leaving The Coalition earlier this year count? Because Hivebusters is one of the best Gears I've ever played!

  3. My biggest worry is i dont hear that it works on original ps4 or xbone. I plan on buying a ps5 but im not worried about it now with how impossible it is to purchase one. Im also worried it wont ever work on original hardware. (Referring to Cyberpunk)

  4. 1:51:40 Kareks response brings up an
    ironic idea because traditionally software everywhere else really focuses UI for its products and for some reasons videos games still being software have the worst feature that is fundamental to software.


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