CD Projekt Red APOLOGIZES For Cyberpunk 2077 ADMITS Deceiving Us & Offers Refunds For PS4 & XBOX

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I have to say, yes they get a shred of credit for apologizing but I am very concerned how little push back they are getting for the lies.

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30 thoughts on “CD Projekt Red APOLOGIZES For Cyberpunk 2077 ADMITS Deceiving Us & Offers Refunds For PS4 & XBOX”

  1. thing is they will never finish it, on consoles it will always look like shit, cos consoles are like midrange laptops not a gaming pc. bigger question is why they said first game is gold before another delay in november

  2. Today Cyberpunk taught us that a game can be both needlessly delayed and unfinished at the same time. I would say the ideal would have been to release the PC version back in November when it was ready, but they held it back to release on consoles at the same time; and hold the Console release back until February, when it looks like the Console version will be in a playable state.

  3. My opinion is it should never have been released for old gen consoles. The game at it's base requires too much resources to run and yes I understand the outrage but they have been tailoring this game around next gen the whole time. This was to be expected. Much like one should never go out and buy the next generation of consoles right out the gate because those are horribly bad and the majority of them have Major flaws that can cause catastrophic failure in the console. Though I don't condone shady behavior and marketing, my opinion is someone or a group of people lied to the company so they could push it out. I don't believe the company as a whole knew of this. Unfortunately, as a company they are all liable and as such they did go farther then any he company to apologize for this and even openly offered refunds. I have been alive a long time and a gamer from r most of that time and have never seen a company offer refunds for their products if it didn't meet the bar of expectations. I just hope they continue to do right by their fans and don't turn into one of the many other game companies that just expect their fan base to buy their junk just because of their name. Just my opinion.

  4. I can't wait until youtube creators stop bitching about Cyberpunk not having a perfect launch, and start talking about the actual fucking game. We get it, the game crashes and has a few bugs, but can we move onto the beautiful world and character building, the fun combat, the ridiculously complex and oh so fulfilling skill tree, the thrilling missions, and whether you love or hate the infamous terrorist rocker Johny Silverhands.

  5. The only problem I have noticed is random crashes…but from fallout 3 I learned to save all the time!! I'm on PS4..the fat version and not the pro version. The fact is this…no console will ever run like a PC! If you're crying it's not running good on PS4 and soon on PS5 then get a PC!! Consoles are a scam lol I'm ok with casual gaming but you "gamers" need to face reality. Reality is you need to get a gaming PC to run a game that takes 3 hours to load on your weak console then have an hour upload lol

  6. Personally, I’m torn with Cyberpunk. I play on the base ps4. The story is amazing. In my own experience I have witnessed few bugs outside of npc’s spawning and textures not loading. Those are the pluses (if you can it that). The part where I am disappointed beyond all is the graphical quality. Rockstar made both GTA V and RDR2 look gorgeous on base. Modern warfare, a game twice the size, looks crisp and clean even in Warzone. There is no reason for Cyberpunk to look as unforgivable as it does, and I am far more than disappointed.

  7. Apologies are appreciated but are they sincere about refunds?
    Money, money, money is all about games these days. Enough of releasing bug ridden games. Its lazy and pathetic, but yay to those profiting off this crap.

  8. I don't think all of the blame could (or should) be shifted onto CDPR (at least not the people who actually made the game. The higher-ups however… yes.) I think the third-party QA team that was supposed to catch this and say "Are you serious?! You can't release this, in its current state." So it's really a combination of faults here

  9. Most PCs running current gen just fine won't run cyberpunk, is another way to say it. Don't they give minimum specs for PC games or did they give false information like they did on c on console? This channel tried to write off negative reviews but after seeing for myself it looks like they were legit and Jeremy here has changed his tune.

    Many believed the reason it was pushed back was ironing out the kinks for next gen. CDPR knows the hardware for current gen up and down and had years to perfect cyberpunk. They asked for the release of the current gen game with the reasoning most don't own next gen anyways. Some citied marketing strategies. What they didn't believe was they were asking for a game that's been in development for years for current gen would play as bad as it does. No one asked for that and no one said it's what they were purchasing.

    The industry can't seem to release even a decent single player game anymore. They have zero respect for their customers and yes that includes CDPR who flat out deceived their customers some of which took off work twice. Until channels just like this one stop with the bs hype and customers stop with the preorder bs and accepting all of what's wrong with the industry right now it will never stop. Don't pay to be mistreated. If I can live without supporting FF7 I'm sure you'll be just fine and the industry will have no choice but to change. If it doesn't, peace of mind goes a long way.

  10. just keep going crazy till they do what no man sky did and fixed and gave loads of new stuff and if the game wasnt ready now why would it be ready on jan or feb theyve being delaying the game for ages and this is the reason why theyre no where near finished with it

  11. CDPR still makes the best story RPGs. People need to give their outrage a rest, especially those on console, YOU are getting a refund. Enough crying. The reason why it stopped being compatible for current gen consoles is Nvidia pushing their stupid Ray Tracing. It's still a generation away, not even the 3090 can run it. Cyberpunk is freaking awesome on PC, I haven't had any game breaking bugs. And I've played 100 hours plus and it's the best game I've played in 5 years since The Witcher 3!

  12. What happened is clearly a case of over-ambitious and greedy executives and/or management. The game should not have been developed for so many different platforms, or stayed in development for a few more years.

  13. -Dont tell us when the game is comign out until you are finished it.
    -Dont release a game until it's 100% completely finished.
    It's easy, how can the company decision makers be so fucking stupid??

  14. Of course they knew it, that the game was buggy.The owners of CPR demanded to publish Cyberpunk despite its unfinished state. the CEO made the decision with all positive and negative effects. The stock market will put a major plug into the ass of CPR for those decisions.


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