Can you beat Cyberpunk 2077 as Jetstream Sam

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Cyberpunk 2077, is a game that has cybernetics, and a combination between futuristic, and analog technology. But what if you took a character from a similar setting, and tried to put them in Cyberpunk?

Can you beat Cyberpunk 2077 as jet stream Sam?

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34 thoughts on “Can you beat Cyberpunk 2077 as Jetstream Sam”

  1. isn't there a really strong blade, ripe for the pickings, on the roof of the hotel you get the Relic chip? fairly sure you can pick it up after the doors outside open up, you can just try to go up the stairs, find saburo's flying car with a sword he had. it's like an actual heirloom, normal old school smithing methods and stuff, which means it does like insane crit damage, but due to not being forged of future metal it also has it's general dps lowered, if you just aim for the head tho, it's just really powerful tho, the crit damage far outweighing the downside.

  2. nah man, you can even play the games on easy mode. we just enjoy the cheese and roleplay as well as the exploits/strategy used to do stuff you are not supposed to with stuff you shouldn't have.
    good stuff, keep up the good work and don't burn yourself out.

  3. The thing with max difficulty being trash is indeed the fact that 99% of the time it just makes enemy have more health and damage and you do less damage. That is not challenging, that is boring and time wasting. A good challenge is fair, something like increasing damage both ways so that yes you can be oneshot by everything, but you can oneshot them too.
    That makes for engaging gameplay because mistakes are heavily punished but doing it right heavily rewarded.

    Doing things right on these very hard difficulties just gives you slightly more time to do a bit of damage or give you slightly more damage, its a grind either way you go about it, that's not fun.

  4. I've noticed in general very hard is the worst thing as a melee player since everything kills you in 1-3 hits and you'll deal fuckall damage for a while.
    A tier 3 throwing knife will somehow out damage your tier 5+ sword too….

  5. I'm sorry, but only being allowed to use Sandevistan and double nump as Jetstream Sam is one of the stupidest rules I've heard because Sam is quite literally a cyber samurai
    Mad respect though 😺

  6. Just subed your content is a lot more better than other creators you’re size hope you reach 1 million subs one day Edit: I don’t know if anybody knows but if you press slide then immediately press dash and jump you can move a lot faster especially when doing it on stairs and you can faze though 1 or 2 things if there the same height idk I can’t remember what there called

  7. This challenge proved that Jetstream Sam is just built different, I mean in the Metal Gear canon he is fighting against people who can just Supplex a giant robot with some of the craziest amount of technology to protect as well as heal their bodies and he's like "nah, imma do my own thing". Jetstream Sam would be a legend in Night City.

  8. Armstrong run: only hands, all cyberwear is allowed expect for all the netrunner stuff, any other arms modifier other then gorilla hands and you can only use berserk as OP implant. Also, clearly, copro origin and (Don't fear) the reaper ending because it's the best one

  9. If you’re still taking viewer suggestions, I was wondering if you’d be interested in doing Big Boss, continuing with the Metal Gear theme.

    For required cyberware I’m thinking Kerenzikov (to simulate MGSV reflex mode), The Chrome Compressor (or the base cyber deck if you don’t have phantom liberty) and the Gorilla Arms (To simulate the bionic arm in MGSV and for CQC) and the Lynx Paws (for quieter movement)

    Now here are the restrictions. You can only use your fists, sidearms/pistols, knives (no throwing knives) and grenades. You can only have one piece of cyberware in the the integumentary slot, this is to encourage stealth gameplay. You can only have the Kereznikov in your nervous system section, nothing to boost it. (Because reflex mode doesn’t last long in MGSV.) Go for whatever in the circulatory system. And finally, you must play stealthily whenever you can. I think that’s what’s gonna be the challenge for you here, specifically. Also, you have to do it on very hard. (If you’re really struggling, you can lower it to hard.)

    I dunno if you’ll consider this, but if you do it would rock. Either way, great video, definitely subbing.


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