BIG News & Last BIG Update for Cyberpunk2077 Phantom Liberty + 2.0 Update Recap

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Join me, Crispy gang as we explore the latest and most exciting features and news coming to Cyberpunk 2077 with the Phantom Liberty expansion and the 2.0 update. From the oppressive atmosphere of Dogtown to dynamic events that keep you on your toes, there’s a lot to unpack! Dive into the details with me and let’s discuss what we’re most looking forward to. Don’t forget to drop your thoughts in the comments below!

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5 thoughts on “BIG News & Last BIG Update for Cyberpunk2077 Phantom Liberty + 2.0 Update Recap”

  1. Funny how people want the game to be more challenging but they max out their weapons and abilities. If a player wants the game to be challenging dont use powerful weapons or dont build up your character. playing on hard settings with weak weapons is challenging.

  2. ''endless events'' was confirmed by sasko in his youtube channel which is only a lot of airdrop events and vehicle courrier missions that we saw in the trailer and redstream !! i would have loved if they would have put store robberies and mugging and shootings (dynamic crime events basically) in the world but unfortunately that isn't the case.

  3. Forget 3rd person or new game plus. Not gonna happen. Waste of CDPRs time and resources. Why you would wanna start a brand new game with everything you had in a previous run is beyond me. Building your arsenal of guns, cyberware and cars is such a fun and exciting part of the game Choom.


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