Been Good To Know Ya (Cyberpunk 2077 Soundtrack)

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All credit goes to Marcin Przybyłowicz, P. T. Adamczyk, Paul Leonard-Morgan, and all other composers and musicians involved in creating this wonderful soundtrack.

If you like the soundtrack, listen to it here:

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39 thoughts on “Been Good To Know Ya (Cyberpunk 2077 Soundtrack)”

  1. I’d like to think that after my V left night city with panam, they eventually found help for his six month problem. That or….. those last six months were well spent together. Free……

    Best ending in the game in my opinion.

  2. fuck man , the ending was the most beautiful ending to anything I've ever experienced . For me this game was a master piece , it was so good i cant even play it again becuase i feel like it will ruin the first play through

  3. Ending was exactly how I wanted it to be in dystopian future game. Like endings in both blade runners, sad, heartbreaking, and grim. Sad thing is that most people likely didn't want this kind of depressing ending.

  4. They promised us a gangsta's paradise where we would live in glory and fame not a sad story in wich u try so hard to live but is for nothing.This game left me empty

  5. A week ago, my dear cat Igor left us. I've been with him until the last minute, he fell asleep with his head in my hand, and he grabbed my finger with her paw and held it, like he did even as a kitten. There was no pain. He just fell asleep.

    Shortly after this song came into my head, it fits so well. I miss you, Igor. It has been an honor to raise and know you, to love you. And it was a blessing that you spent your life with us.

    It's been good to know ya.

    Take care, we'll meet again.

  6. I felt so emotionally attached to the game once I finished my first playthrough (I got the Aldecaldos ending). It was hard to put the game down. The characters felt so real and it really felt like I connected with them all. Idc what everyone says about this game. It's my favorite game of 2020.

  7. As on the one hand, I do not like plots where there is no good ending to choose from, so here, despite the choice between death and later death, adding this music until I was overwhelmed and I really had a dilemma what to choose. But this is how you recognize geniuses in the plot when even something that does not suit you is able to somehow affect you the same side mission with the crucifixion despite the fact that I am an atheist really the plot of this side mission made me have a problem with making a choice and gave me shivers again.

  8. This has to be one of the most incredible game soundtracks let alone endings of any video game ever. I think I´ve never had more chills coming from a games soundtrack than this one. (maybe excluding the Assassins Creeds "Ezios Family") Simply perfect.

  9. A massive amount of people expected this game to be PERFECT. I expected this game to be amazing. I wasn’t disappointed and felt glad of my purchase. The other people are still complaining every minute they get. It’s crazy what a great story and score can do for a game even when it’s filled with bugs and the game just too broken for some players. I get the frustration but only playing on my Xbox one from 2015, it gave me hardly any problems with a couple of crashes here and there. Hopefully they fix everything the way it was intended because when it’s fully fixed and playable for everyone with no problems, it’ll be a game to look back on and how awesome it actually is. I would definitely replay it in a heartbeat. Btw, when is that free DLC dropping? Need to know what happens next!

  10. My real name is V (for short it's what I've always gone by). And you will always think of me whenever you play this game, whenever someone brings it up, everytime anyone says V in dialogue. Everytime this song plays. You know who you are.


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