Arroyo | Cyberpunk 2077 | Part 47 (Blind Playthrough)

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WARNING – This Game may contain content not appropriate for all ages, or may not be appropriate for viewing at work: Blood and gore, intense violence, strong language, mature humour, nudity, strong sexual content and the use of drugs and alcohol.

Music from the intro – Support Aim To Head

Music from the intro – Support Aim To Head –

Hi! I’m Mad Matt Lugos, I’m starting a let’s play channel to share my experiences in single-player story focused games. I’m a slower player who likes to take time to absorb the story and lore in games like the Witcher 3, Bloodborne and Horizon Zero Dawn. I grew up playing the PS1 era Final Fantasy games (my favourite is FF8, sorry) and enjoy escaping into game worlds in my spare time. Join me as I start a new adventure in Night City, with Cyberpunk 2077, what does the dark future have in store for us?

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Cyberpunk 2077 is an open-world, action-adventure RPG set in the megalopolis of Night City, where you play as a cyberpunk mercenary wrapped up in a do-or-die fight for survival. Improved and featuring all-new free additional content, customize your character and playstyle as you take on jobs, build a reputation, and unlock upgrades. The relationships you forge and the choices you make will shape the story and the world around you. Legends are made here. What will yours be?

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Digital Foundry optimised settings:

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Kala’s Eyes + Unique eyes core –[tag]=CP2077
Vehicle Customizer –
Spciy HUDs –
Cyber Engine Tweaks –
Redscript –
Appearance Menu Mod –
Weather probability rebalance –
Limited HUD –
Huditor –
Native settings UI –
Appearance change unlocker –
Skin complexions –
Sleeves –
Immersive First Person –
Better vehicle first person –
Street Vendors –
Simple Flashlight –
Remove Crouch and Hack Screen Effects –
Proximadust’s Appartments –
Change your favourite cars and bikes –
Always First Equip –
More Gore –
Blood Splatters –
Advanced Control –
Integrated Dodge Button –


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  1. Because your street cred level was high enough you got the thugs to run off due to recognizing you 🙂 Otherwise youd have to kill them. So it is neat you came here fairly late in your playthrough lol.


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