Arasaka Industrial Park Easter Egg in Cyberpunk 2077

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Ride an AV to the top of a building in Arasaka Industrial Park. The vehicles spawn at the beginning or end of ‘Gimme Danger’ so it can only be done during that mission. It is no longer possible to climb up to this area but you can still get there the way the developers intended. On the way down there are some interesting areas of cut content that might be used in a future DLC.

0:00 Enter Arasaka Industrial Park
1:46 Hop onto the AV
2:30 Collect reward
2:53 Getting back down
4:00 Exploring unused areas
5:03 Getting out


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  1. I just realized, I notice that the game's supposed to encourage you to take whatever method of combat you like but everyone calls you an idiot whenever you don't take the stealth option.


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