An Architect Reviews the Apartments of Night City [Cyberpunk 2077]

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I’ll take you on a tour of V’s apartments in Night City, letting you know how good or bad they are! 🌏 Get exclusive NordVPN deal here ➵ It’s risk free with Nord’s 30 day money-back guarantee!✌

Architect Reviews Night City:

0:00 Intro
2:00 Design Language Primer
4:10 Motel Apartment
6:44 Japan Town Apartment
10:18 The Glen Apartment
16:53 Corpo Plaza Apartment

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How Night City was Designed Presentation:

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49 thoughts on “An Architect Reviews the Apartments of Night City [Cyberpunk 2077]”

  1. I'm so happy you made this video!

    I was waiting for a Cyberpunk 2077 video from you for so long, and thought "hey, maybe because of Edgerunners, he will make a new one." I'm glad I was right. You have a very unique view of things thanks to your profession, so I always appreciate non-Star Citizen works.

    Great video, hope to see more!

  2. I feel like having the gun room adjecent to the bedroom makes a lot of sense since this is your fully private space you might not want visitors in, but they may be invited into the main room, where they can go to the toilet.

  3. My favorite apartment has to be The Glen apartment. I have it purchased on my streetkid character as it is the most fitting apartment for them. They are a Heywood native after all, and I really enjoy the thought of V returning from Atlanta, making a name for themselves in NC, moving to Watson in the megabuilding, then finally once they have the eddies, move back home to Heywood. A fitting loop for the lifepath. I have the other apartments on my other characters for headcannon reasons. Like my Nomad has the motel because he's a minimalist, also needs somewhere thats on the downlow to operate out of. I think of him when he's not with the Aldecaldos, as a Punisher-like operator. It fits his build too. As for my Corpo, its a little deeper story connected. But to sum it up, the corpo lifestyle makes her feel more comfortable, but not only that, its also a statement piece. She got terminated by Arasaka, but that won't stop her from success. Kinda like being a weed that no matter how many times you pull it out, it just keeps growing back. Fits her persistence.

  4. I love the Japantown apartment too because it reminded me of my grandparents' HDB flats in Singapore that I used to visit in my childhood. I could imagine walking into the elevator smelling the scent of old urine and then walking into the apartment with the incense in the air. Even the bathroom is next to the kitchen 🤣.

    The Corpo Plaza apartment took me by surprise as it felt like it was a hotel room than a home. Barely any personal touches and certainly fit the life of an Arasaka agent. Barely at home and only use it for sleeping. I usually keep it for roleplaying as CorpoV before the prologue. The area also reminded me of the base of Petronas towers and Kuala Lumpur City Centre.

  5. I play a corpo and I can't see my character returning to that world after the event of the early game. Japantown or the default feels the best fit for her. Maybe Glen, but I feel like my character hasn't earned it yet.

  6. I'd love to see you do one on GTA Online apartments and the protagonists' houses. I''d gladly give you access to all of the apartments as I know it's not easy to just have access to all of them at once.

  7. visually they nailed it. I just wish the AI/NPCs would live up to the same standard as the looks.
    CB2077 is really beautiful but doesn't bring (IMO) the world of CyberPunk as created by Mike.Pondsmith to life.

  8. I want to play Cyberpunk, but I've been waiting for them to fix all the bugs…

    And CIG needs to design their cities more open-world like this!

    My biggest criticism of these apartments is that the elevator opens right into the Glen Apartment.
    Anyone who has access to the building itself can use the elevator to get into your apartment!
    Of course, some ultra high end apartments in New York are like that in real life, so I guess it's not totally unrealistic.

  9. if any would like to read the up more on the source martial CDPR used in collaboration with R. Talsorian Games which is owned by Maximum Mike Pondsmith who built this world in the late 80s for his TTRPG Cyberpunk 2020 and new edition Red wich take place in 2045 Night City is in the process of rebuilding after Johnny Blows up Alaska Tower in 2020 twords what you see in 2077

  10. I wish there was another apartment/house out in the badlands, but like nice and modern. An A-Frame or something like that for a Nomad character or someone who's sick of the city

  11. So Morph, after watching your architect reviews for quite sometime. I personally think CIG should hire you to help with city building and interiors of the bigger city's they'll be bringing in later!

  12. in regard to the glen apartment, its actually the opposite, the glen used to be the high end place but it was slowly moved out when the new hills and copo plaza finished building more buildings wich is why the glen looks so delipidated yet with some style

  13. I'd take a look at the vehicles in cyberpunk next.

    The city design and theme makes sense, but as an automotive enthusiast (I market cars for a living) the interiors of vehicles are completely nonsensical in most cases. One of those things that looks cool to most people, but makes no sense to a person in the industry. They look great on the exterior though.

    I think my favorite example is the luxury vehicle you ride in with Dax (Dex?), in which the rear seat is a single piece bucket – like those molded plastic seats found in the back of a cop car!

  14. Amazing video, Morph. Your attention to detail and explanations of why designs work or are used are a treat for those of us that can see that something "looks good" without understanding why.

  15. I think that the motel apartment is the best out of the 4 shown. It’s utilitarian in nature, which in a gig like V is in is useful for getting the job done. It’s unassuming, and has space around the building, it may not have a garage or work area but you could do it outside if needed. It feels more like a base, a place to crash in between missions where you can relax but not planning on staying long term unless you have too.

  16. I thought I was the only one that had the weird dudes shouting next to the Japantown apartment. Because I've never seen it mentioned anywhere else online. The noises appear to come behind one of the locked doors in the apartment building.

  17. I like CP2077, but I don't like that the character of "V" is so… narrow? the main story doesn't leave a lot of room for playing a character of your own choosing.

  18. NeoMilitarism really reminds me of Star Wars' Sith Architecture during the Old Republic Era, and really there are quite a few parallels between corpo and sith culture (unsurprisingly) so I think its quite fitting.

  19. After watching this I greatly regret spending the eddies to get the corpo one, it fells bare and soulless. The Glen looks much better and would be more my style. But I'm near the end of the game, so eddies are no problem 😀 gonna get the Glen as soon as I fire up my next session.
    As always, Architect Reviews delivers awesome videos! Thanks Morph!


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