All Quickhacks Ranked Worst to Best in Cyberpunk 2077 2.0

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A detailed dive into every quickhack in Cyberpunk 2077. Exploring the various abilities and synergies each has through the order of a worst to best ranking.

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00:00 Intro
00:22 Build
01:20 Obtaining Hacks
01:56 Detonate Grenade
03:52 Weapon Glitch
05:06 Bait
06:32 Reboot Optics
07:47 Request Backup
09:18 System Collapse
10:47 Self Destroy
12:42 Ping
13:41 Cyberpsychosis
15:18 Blackwall Gateway
17:29 Cripple Movement
18:57 Short Circuit
20:32 Cyberware Malfunction
22:42 Overheat
24:05 Sonic Shock
26:14 Contagion
28:24 Memory Wipe
30:02 Synapse Burnout
32:35 Conclusion


40 thoughts on “All Quickhacks Ranked Worst to Best in Cyberpunk 2077 2.0”

  1. Great vid, covered the quickhacks well. Just to note if you're specced correctly for uploads (and why wouldn't you be if you're running Blackwall Gateway?) if you upload some incredibly low cost like Reboot Optics Tier 2 before Blackwall Gateway, the (very long) upload time of the 1st Blackwall Gateway is massively reduced.

  2. I love using Cyberpsychosis for roleplay purposes. Imagine tapping into their security feed and seeing them fight amongst themselves. Then as you enter the building, initiate "self destroy" and watch the last enemy take the easy way out.

  3. Early game, reboot optics tier 1 & 2 which cost 2 ram are SUPER worth using to discount the cost of an overheat or short circuit while increasing it's upload speed while increasing it's subsequent damage by 60% with the requisite perks. Early -> mid game staple IMO.

  4. Air Dash is too fun to exclude from any build. I think we had no idea what we were missing in the game until it showed up; whether you're in combat or not the dash moves are a joy.

  5. Synapse burnout. Just beat the game with a netrunner build. One shot Smasher, he just keeled over, it was pathetic. Played on hard. Overclock, 2× cyberware malfunction, short circuit, synapse burnout. Guaranteed crits on quickhacks. Kills everything

  6. should mention with detonate grenade if you go higher up into the tech tree for explosive damage it gets some more benefit on top of everything else as you say though its kinda the final nail in the coffin to an enemy affected by everything else.

  7. The thing I love about netrunning in 2077, despite it not being the mechanic I really wanted, is how versatile it is. Nearly every build and playstyle can benefit from a nicely fitted netdeck, often in ways berserk and sandy can't manage. And the runner focused builds are so interesting and varied just on their own. With a bit of creativity, you can really be spoiled for choice in how you engage with any given encounter.

  8. I love how netrunning got gutted so much. Now its basically just Sandevistan. Wich is barelly any fun on harder difficulties, no challange. Netrunning shouldn't have been nerfed this much, the AI should have reacted more to you not just a simple location tracing. Then again modders here to save the day. (Tho i would say berserk is still the perfect play balance wise, but its melee only)

  9. Every netrunner build I've done, I've never bought a single quickhack. Almost every side gig, assault in progress and organised crime mission has at least one access point from which you can get a free QH if you do lvl 3 hack. The QHs scale to your level so eventually you can get all legendary QHs. They nerfed the sale prices though, you could sell your spare QHs for a good chunk too.

  10. While detonate grenade is definitely nerfed, I still use it in my melee monowire build to stun or knockdown distant enemies shooting at me, and considering it can knockdown groups of enemies it is quite useful this way. Pairing it with contagion on enemies other than Tyger Claws and Wraiths (who have EMPs and Biohazard grenades respectively) also causes a mass toxic explosion if used properly on groups. Also, big boom makes man happy. Weapon Glitch is also useful for stopping enemies momentarily, but it is somewhat inconsistence in my experience.

  11. i remember using quickhacks quite alot in my first playthrough back in patch 1.3 or 1.4….though lately i dont find it so much fun anymore. WIth all the perks from the inteligence perk trees it is rather annoying. And with all the combos, brain burner.
    For now i am more into dealing directly with enemies with a shotgun or a precision rifle.
    Only so rarely i use hacks that i decided to try out a build that uses hacks only for things like ping the enemies and some low ram intensive things like an ocasional cripple movement and just stick with a classic run and gun without sandevistans cause i dont like those 🙂
    So yeah, this top is realy helpful in choosing which hacks to use for my tethratronic mk5 that i use with a low inteligence build 🙂

  12. memory wipe plus overheat takes out pretty much any enemy in steath. of skull enemies use memory wipe, overheat and short circuit. this works all the way to end game and will take all all but boss enemies

  13. Blackwall gateway would be #1 on your list if you knew that uploading sonic shock first to each target allows you to upload multiple instances of blackwall gateway, which will each individually spread to 5 additional people.

    I run Canto Mk. 6 with only sonic shock equipped, enter overclock, and go “sonic shock > gateway” on as many enemies as I can before the first blackwall hack begins to upload, which is when it stops letting you stack them on other enemies.

    I have had 5 stars, used this, and completely emptied the streets and escaped in broad daylight in mere seconds. No idea if this is an oversight, but this alone makes it the best for me by light years.

  14. Memory wipe system collapse is cheaper than memory wipe reboot optics sonic shock
    Yes, you need to be actively traced for that, but with both hacks reducing trace progress you'll never actually be found before you clear the last enemy

  15. Honestly, I don't know why everyone says "Sonic Shock is broken"… it does exactly what it says it does. Deafens them. Lowers their ability to detect you (as in see you when stealthed, can't hear your clunky feet as well). Scrambles their comms (as in cannot communicate with others, no calling for help "They are right here!"). And of course the Cloak.

    Lowering the trace was nice, but never listed in the description. Makes it, in essence, a lot like asking them to "please bring back that one time with that one exploit I loved…"

    Go ahead, I am certain many amateur hackers online are ready to prove their leet skillz… hack something, without being traced. Without leaving a huge trail right to you.
    Of course lowering your trace is a high end ability, not a low end one. You can detect enemy hacks direction as well. Even hilights em.

    One skill says it will lower trace. no others do, and it ain't Sonic Shock.
    Sonic shock deals with the enemy's ability to deal with you in meatspace.
    Memory Wipe in cyberspace.

    Be thankful they don't use those two on you.

  16. In my experience uploading Synapse Burnout after Sonic Shock still leaves you stealthed. I think you just need to do enough damage with that one subsequent quickhack that they don't live long enough to even start tracking you. There's an ability from somewhere that makes it to where uploading a control quickhack after a combat quickhack increases the damage of it, so Sonic Shock – > Synapse Burnout – > Ping/Cyberware Malfunction is my go to combo. I cannot get this to repeat with Short Circuit, though

  17. I haven’t seen many thread discussing it in Reddit and maybe this comment belongs on of your equipment videos. But I’ve heard you say on those videos a couple time not being able to find certain crafting specs. I’ve found that the increased criminal activity in terra cognita has a farmable crafting spec in the center chest on the table for legendary crafting specs. I usually return after a day or two or after a gig or two. I may be wrong but I think I’ve gotten some specs I haven’t seen before like chef’s knife and some others. I’m playing on console so I don’t know which specs are available but it seems like a lot of them are

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  19. Things that are not mentioned:
    -Hacking any source and doing the third row always yields a hack schematic or the hack itself, though it's random (can change on save and reload), but even iconic variants are obtainable that way (when high enough in level).
    -Bug with the Bait is that, if you don't upload to the target right after the previous' effect ended (to pull them out for that classic stealth play), they will turn around and walk a good spell before the new hack would take effect (animation and/or ai issue), making it ever less useful and sometimes frustrating (for this reason T5/iconic is also kind of useless.. so pretty much T4 is the only one that is worth using… if only this hack's effect would take 2-3s more).
    -System Collapse doesn't work on cyberpsychos… unfortunately…
    -"Self Destruct": For most skull enemies (on very hard) it's better to use one Short Circuit before applying it and it will kill the target. It also has the benefit of gaining a lot more loot as many enemies will drop their primary weapon and pull out their secondaries to do the deed, which will also be dropped, when it's done. The hack itself is "loud" not really fit for stealth approach, but if one uses Memory Wipe (preferably T4) and Sonic Shock before it, you only have problem when they actually turn and see the corpse, even in big group and in open space. Overclock can help to dispatch a whole lot of enemies with it and get a lot of loot. The hack also works on bots and drones.
    -Ping is very useful for classic stealth gameplay. Also if you choose to go in and out like a ghost.
    -Cripple Movement is also useful for people whom are lousy shooters, prefer shotgun, or lmg, or want to run away from NCPD or Sasquatch.
    -To get the maximum out of Short Circuit, apply 3 Cyberware Malfunction before it. Short Circuit is also pretty much the only non-lethal quickhack to use against Cyberpsychos.
    -Cyberware Malfunction is great against bosses. Sasquatch really hates it.
    -Overheat may be non-lethal, but for Cyberpsychos it's not (or the thing is bugged as many times the target was still moving, yet when I texted to Regina, it was mentioned that the target was taken out). Although it has a higher damage than Short Circuit, but if you are trying to apply a full queue of hacks, with Synapse Burning in mind, many of it's damage will just won't apply in time.
    -Contagion: the nice way to start a group fight is to upload this then throw in a flame grenade!
    -Synapse Burnout is best used with the Tetratronic Rippler Deck. The +40% damage bonus applied to this hack can be so huge even MaxTac falls like flies.

  20. When using the (EXCELLENT) Shadowrunner mod on PC, Bait and Request Backup become essential to get shadow, ghost and hero optional objectives. There are some missions/events where there is simply no way to avoid being seen while getting the objectives without these two hacks. Using them in combination makes these missions way more feasible for the optional objectives.
    Also using bait/request backup/etc is essential to get a threatening enemy from taking out an innocent NPC, for saving them for a "hero" objective.

  21. Just as a side note, I think lots of the people in this community would really enjoy Palworld. There are lots of different creatures, weapons, and crafting specs that can be found around the world, and different build play-style combinations.

  22. Idk if you forgot or it's simply not worth it but contagion also combos with the throwing knife build amplifying the knifes damage by making the stacks "explode", want you opinion on that = ]


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