All of Cyberpunk 2077’s DLC May Have Just Leaked

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Today we take a look at some of the recent news and leaks around Cyberpunk 2077. We have seen several reddit posts and a response from CD Projekt Red on some potential DLC leaks for Cyberpunk 2077.



Leak Posts:
CDPR Response:
Past Response to Leak:
Monorail Video:

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20 thoughts on “All of Cyberpunk 2077’s DLC May Have Just Leaked”

  1. Here's a better question.. when it comes to the expansion pass or paid expansions themselves… for those of us with Sony Consoles… what the f*** do we do since sony completely removed cp77 from the psn store with 0 intention of bringing it back in the future?

  2. I'm sorry but this games dead to me beat it a few months ago,I uninstalled it and haven't touched it since if they add third person then I'll replay it but I'm not gonna get my hopes up

  3. coming from a network admin .. unless cd red is developing games with xp machines .. not gonna happen.. on top of that epic game store brute force.. no .. canopeners run threw every possiple password including letters numbers ansii everything.. this really went away with number of log in attems and it locks the account after 3.. this guy might be correct but brute force.. thats not a thing anymore.. just doesnt work.. thats 1980 and 1990s stuff.. not 2021.. well possible but if your good enough to stop those securities brute force can take days to do.. not even pratical..

  4. It's crazy how many content is just " not used " and how much the story line with johny have take the place it has today… Hope they will do something to change that !!!
    They have many thing to do for the game to be good like :
    1 – modeling all the food and items !!!!
    2 – Using more of the cut content, finishing the north of watson and pacifica !!!
    3 – building a true corpo side and building an "upper part " of the city on the top of the buildings !!
    4 – The subway and public transportation !
    5 – true shop to : buy car , costumise it, tatoot shop, washing spot to upgrade your armors level, candy shop !
    6 – true food system and drug system where medecine give you dependancy and must not be use massively because of Over dose ( or having some cyberware for that)

    I am a fool but i take this game a bit like an early access !

  5. If they think they'll get any decent money by selling all the DLC, they're so dead wrong lol. They either give them all for free or this game is good as dead.

  6. Little DLC's just wont cut it. Car mods won't matter in a game nobody plays anymore – go play a racing game where the mods matter.
    Any DLC that doesn't massively improve the actual game and give something for people to do outside the main storyline is an utter waste of time on the part of CDPR.


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