45 Cyberpunk 2077 Overdrive, 2022 Ultra Modded Nomad

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45 Cyberpunk 2077 Overdrive, 2022 Ultra Modded Nomad

This playthrough let’s play is now updated to use OVERDRIVE, path tracing, raytracing mode.

This is a Katana and throwing knife build Nomad playthrough of Cyberpunk 2077 patch 1.6 played in 1440p Ultra settings with Raytracing set to Ultra and DLSS set to balanced.

Hey, how ya doin Choomba! I was gonna to wait until Phantom Liberty came out for my Nomad playthrough but something happened. Cyberpunk Edgerunners happened. Edgerunners took me through the emotional ringer. I fell in love with every character in the show. When I finished the last episode I had a dull feeling of bittersweet melancholy. Such a sad yet satisfying ending. Edgerunners had me so hyped I just couldn’t wait to start my Nomad Playthrough.

This video is all about my Mod load out. I’m not going to go through every single mod, but, in the links below you’ll be able to easily install everything for yourselves.

So here we go. This load out is based around the “Welcome to Night City,” Collection off of nexusmods.com. I found this collection had the vast majority of my old loadout plus a whole bunch of other mods I didn’t even know about. And it is so easy to install everything. It’s like nexusmod’s version of wabbajack for Skyrim. It uses Vortex as the mod manager. It never occurred to me to use Vortex because I hated it for Skyrim. But for Cyberpunk, its the bee’s knees Hermano.

After installing that I disabled all of the mods that were not safe for YouTube. Also, you’re gonna want to disable:

Welcome to Night City – Faster Active Control Prompts. It breaks your mouse during Photomode.

Also don’t forget to install REDMOD. Its CDprojektRED’s modding tool they released to the community. I really hope this tool is as robust as the creation kit for Skyrim. Can you imagine the possibilities? And don’t forget to enable Mods in the GoG launcher here. You won’t see this option until you install the collection.

On top of this collection I installed a handful of mods of my own.

Body Mod – Better Body Shap


No Camera Auto Centering

4K Detailed Complexion for Panam

Inventory Glitch Effect Removal

-KS- UV Texture Framework 2.0 – Unique Body Skins for V – With Tattoo-Clothing Overlays

Hide Distant 2D Cars

Alright. Thats it. There it is for you gangoons that want it.

Cyberpunk 2077 Collections – Welcome to Night City

BODY MOD – better body shape


No Camera Auto Centering

4K Detailed Complexion for Panam

Inventory Glitch Effect Removal

-KS- UV Texture Framework 2.0 – Unique Body Skins for V – With Tattoo-Clothing Overlays

Hide Distant 2D Cars

My system specs:
CPU – Intel I9 13900K
GPU – RTX 4090
RAM – 32GB 6000 CL30
SSD – Samsung EVO m.2


3 thoughts on “45 Cyberpunk 2077 Overdrive, 2022 Ultra Modded Nomad”

  1. If you do Subnautica, there are a ton of mods you can add on as well. Subnautica does have a lot of grinding for materials between plot points and only a few points of story, but it is a beautiful game graphically. And while there is not as much lore universe-wise, there are a lot of datapads that if found give a clear picture of everything human related that happened on that planet.

    Radio station you are seeking is 98.7 Bodyheat. You found it.

    Ferris Wheel, I am not sure of, but the mission to repair the roller coaster is only available after talking to Takemura after Takemura saved you from the junkyard in Act 1 and before you find out where Evelyn is.

    Very likely the smell is masked by the smell of Night City in General, and is weaker due to the fact that there is often a strong breeze along beaches and shores. With all the garbage lying around and also sewage that is flowing into the ocean, it becomes hard to narrow down specific scents unless you are in an enclosed building.

    What you are seeing when you look East and South of East while on the rollercoaster in Pacifica is a road that ends up going under the bay into Night City Heywood area from West End Estates close to the Biotechnica Flats. It should be reachable, but I am not sure if anyone had actually recorded themselves driving it in game, and I would not be surprised if many who did drive it not realize what they were driving.

    Very likely the DJ or the Corpo's Limo driver was simply told to take a scenic drive where there wouldn't be traffic who could see what the two were doing in the back seat and where music blasting from other cars would not interfere withthe mood.


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