34 Details, Easter Eggs & Interesting Things in Cyberpunk 2077

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Cyberpunk 2077: 34 Easter Eggs and details, some of which I missed during my time in Night City!

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0:00 intro and spoiler warnings
0:38 Look how Gorgeous HDR looks
0:50 1. 3 Pointer basketball shot
1:28 2. Roach Race update
2:06 3. Panam & Nash
2:30 4. Teletubbies
3:00 5. The Departed
3:23 6. Cop Chasing Guy in Undies
4:15 7. Ezekiel Saw the Wheel Gangers
4:49 8. Dum-dum’s choom
5:25 9. Death Stranding Bike
5:43 10. Don’t Hit Fingers
6:09 11. Anthony Gilchrist’s Fate
6:50 12. Guru – Life Coach Model
7:29 13. Matrix Lampposts
7:37 14. Tiny Mike’s Big Brother
8:06 15. Waking up with your bae
8:38 16. Skippy’s Inspiration
9:09 17. Revised Mantis-Blade Glow
10:05 18. Finger’s Client
10:48 19. Naughty Cop
11:22 20. Lucille
11:40 21. Thoughts on Yorinobu
13.34 22. Two Dead NCPD Officers
14.05 23. Ruby’s fate
14:40 24. Stallion
15:05 25. The Real Bryce Mosely
15:51 26. The Joker?
15:59 27. Johnny Silverhand’s Alternate Fire / Melee
16:22 28. Captain Greech & the Shrimp Shack Shooters
17:37 29. New Weapons & Warhammer 40k Chain-Sword
18:45 30. Oscar Walsh & Nina Walsh
19:02 31. Brendan’s in-game companion
19:30 32. Edgerunners: Guts – Rebecca’s Shotgun
20:25 33. Edgerunners: Drink a David Martinez
21:07 34. Edgerunners: David’s Jacket Quest


27 thoughts on “34 Details, Easter Eggs & Interesting Things in Cyberpunk 2077”

  1. I'm curious about how many people catch this
    If you do ghost town and lightning strikes to kidnap Hellman before finding Evelyn, then at the end of Disasterpiece, instead of Johnny begging for a smoke, V will already be smoking and Johnny will ask about it
    It's stated several times in the game, once when Johnny first appears and another time to Rogue (if I am remembering right), V states that they don't smoke
    I dunno if you've done that one before

  2. I saw your video a bit earlier in the evening and I looked for #28 (Captain Greech and the Shrimp Shack Shooters) and there was a slumped over body sitting on the edge of the stage with a legendary Armorweave Rocker Bra. Great series of found locations in the game!

  3. I just wanted to write this thing with Panam in the bar. That is awesome. They talk about the next gig. The one where he fks up Panam. Its kinda sad. That you can’t interact with her. So that she could bitch you away, like she is:D

    I believe, Yorinobu found out about his future. Ima pretty sure actually. After he found out, that he will one day become the vessel for his father. The sawblades have insane dps. By far better then the katanas. I startet my first pumpgun cuz of her rebeccas pump gun. Damn it is soooo much fun.

  4. The chainsaw also has a cool passive effect that if you simply hold it and walk around, the NPCs actually start running away. This doesn't happen with regular weapons unless you're aiming them or shooting them.
    Also never noticed that conversation between Nash and Panam but that's a very cool detail.
    As for the bed in the Aldecaldo camp, it did work in 1.5 but it was a bit of hit and miss. Sometimes it worked and sometimes it didn't. There's also a working shower there too near the tanker trucks.

  5. 18. It's believed that the woman fixing her makeup is actually Lizzy Wizzy the popstar, there's a few in-game lore bits about her having removable face plates and that the chrome skin is actually a fairly new addition. Just thought I'd bring that up.


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