20 More Secret Features Cyberpunk 2077 Never Tells You About

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Today we take a look at hidden or less known features added to Cyberpunk 2077 with the most recent update of patch 1.6. These are secret or lesser known features or things hidden within the game that come in the form of a variety of tips and tricks, free weapons and cars, and even alternate endings.

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35 thoughts on “20 More Secret Features Cyberpunk 2077 Never Tells You About”

  1. One of the secrets that surprised me was that you can actually find Meredith's body if you complete the Pickup in favor of David (that is, by giving Royce the credchip after removing the virus). She's underwater next to the pier directly east of where you find Ebunike.

  2. Regarding Fingers: The Epic quality leg mods are one thing, he is also the only source to the QianT Mk.4 sandevistan, that has the shortest cooldown by FAR (12 sec!) while having almost as much slow effect as the Mk.5 Warp Dancer 🙂

  3. Only one I didn't know was the fact that you can talk to a fixer and get the gig types revealed to you on the map. So thank you for that 🙂
    As for double jumping to negate fall damage, there is a limit. If you fall too fast, the double jump won't work and most likely you'll die.

  4. 9:31 similarly if you have the epic fortified ankles you get another "stage". So you can jump off (but you do have to jump off the ledge, not just run off, because the second jump only becomes available when there was a first jump to begin with), then do a second jump like you have shown and THEN (after a similar amount of time) aim mid-air. This will let you jump off fairly high places safely.
    8:32 I am not aware it is just the Kiroshis which will make your weapons non-lethal, to my knowledge it's a Kiroshi mod called "Target Analysis" and should only work if you also have the Smart Link cyberware, no?
    Your video was quite helpful, thank you. I did know most of them (didn't know they implemented the Maelstrom vendor. I like hoarding iconics though, so not gonna go that path just for Doom-Doom and one piece of Maelstrom trivia, but still excellent information. Also – I DID know about the car spawning method, but never used it, for some reason… 😅) Also didn't know the crouching thing or that you can talk to fixers to reveal gig names/types beforehand.
    Btw – do you happen to know whether the mod, which lets you get crafting recipes of items you have disassembled lets you craft Dum-Dums inhaler?

  5. Did you know?…The hold and release option for quick hacking is handy is for auto aiming guns. You can use the quick hack button to auto aim your guns because it will lock your view onto the middle of the target when you release the quick hack, even if you don't use a hack. It slows down time so you can easily get head shots too. This is easier with one button push and release rather than double clicking a button. Quick hacking with no hack basically is a time slowing auto aim.

  6. The Kiroshi optics don't cause damage to be non-lethal by default. There's a modification for them that causes them to change all your damage to non-lethal, but you have to specifically equip it.

  7. Started a new playthrough as a netrunner/ hybrid using legendary static shock for the crit passive and anytime I down an enemy I still get xp/street cred for downing them ( ss is non lethal) then a little more xp/ some ninjitsu xp from finishing them off.

  8. I downloaded CP2077 to give it a try. And I already deleted it as the only changes I saw were cosmetic. The cops attack you just for looking at them? The DB you suppose to watch after finding Evelyn is broken ending that line of quests. It is still a crappy-broken game w/little improvements as the Red Engine has similar problems that Bethesda has with its, "IMPROVED_updated Engine."
    Great that they are changing to a better engine, Unreal. But not pre-ordering or even buying the next Witcher until their are reviews and there is a added Female protaginist besides a side-kick that can't carry anything as she has no inventory? DAH?


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