[1] CYBERPUNK 2077 Corpo Lifepath Gameplay – Welcome to Arasaka's Night City

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Welcome to Night City in Cyberpunk 2077, where I play a Corpo lifepath focused character. Body and Intelligence will be our focus as we use a brawler melee and hacking style of playing. In this first episode, we’re introduced to the Arasaka corporation and our interactions with Jackie, our good friend. This will be a story focused game where I shut up as soon as I hear characters talking or cutscenes happen.

Cyberpunk 2077 Corpo Playlist:

0:00 Arasaka Corporation
0:28 Picking Lifepath
1:01 Character Creation
4:04 V’s Corporate Day
5:28 Job: The Corpo Rat
6:45 Meeting Frank
8:38 Meeting Jenkins
12:46 Going to Our Desk
15:39 Harry’s Input, V’s Decision
18:29 Ride to the Bar
21:44 Meeting the Locals
23:31 Jackie
31:13 The New Life
36:47 Militech’s Tutorial
40:34 Job: The Rescue
50:37 Heading Home
53:08 Violent Traffic
54:38 The Lockdown
56:17 MaxTac
57:16 The Apartment

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34 thoughts on “[1] CYBERPUNK 2077 Corpo Lifepath Gameplay – Welcome to Arasaka's Night City”

  1. Series Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL_4YUWpVmAqnGsMXsrPPFf_plGpATWMF4
    Hey there, I'm Surreal and this is my Cyberpunk series. If you don't know how my content works for RPGs, I often do recaps to help keep you up to date with what choices I've made in every following episode. I try to explain the reasons for my choices and play according to a character. Our V's backstory may be introduced in part two or a future one. I do try my best to shut up during dialogue choices and anything like looting rooms, unless it's quick, I do off-video so you're not watching me be a loot goblin. If you enjoy this video, consider supporting me on patreon and if you subscribe, click on the bell to enable all notifications!

  2. I am actually not here for the story, I just want to see gameplay and would prefer side quests and a more in depth look at the different ripper doc stuff, crafting, cars, and specs for certain builds.

  3. I love how you play your games with a style suited for the character. Makes it more immersive with your editing of the mundane stuff as well. You also have a great tactical mind…must be all those games of total Warhammer and the like. Peace brother and keep up the awesome content.


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